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Rox90 Aug 18
I miss you
Although I haven’t meet you
I need you
Although I haven’t seen you
I love you
Although I haven’t known you
Rox90 Aug 14
I am not sad
I am not sad about the lies you told me
I am not sad about the ways you fooled me
I am not sad about the fact you left me
I am disappointed
I am disappointed at the memories we made
I am disappointed at the time I have waste
I am disappointed at the person you became
Rox90 Jul 14
Sun goes down
Stars shine bright
Galaxies spread
Through the night

Hold my hand
Bring me close
Music starts
Playing the notes

As we dance
Under the moon
Floating in space
Gently in June

Clouds and hues
Cover our feet
Hearts listen
To the beat

Calmness builds up
Eyes are close
Glowing ember
Starts to grow

Lost in time
You are the one
Said the three words
That I said to none
Rox90 Jul 8
Sometimes I take the ease
And turn it into a battle field

Ignoring the blessings I got
Just wanting what I want

Building walls up high
Between my happiness and I

Keep thinking about tomorrow
Daggers filled with grieve and sorrow

Why can’t I just turn my head around
And enjoy life for what it is now
Rox90 Oct 2022
Magical spirits of the night
Take me to the raising light
Where no human has a sight
And all things glow bright
Rox90 Sep 2022
A burden in my heart
Has prevented me from speaking
As my words can cut through diamond
And still is not enough
To express the heavy burden
That is in my heart
Rox90 Sep 2022
Love is blind
Love is pain
Love is intensely
Both beautiful and strange
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