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I am a familiar creak in your floorboards,
A poignant sound ringing inside your skull,
A tiny screech in the desert of your shattered thoughts,
Keeping you awake with many restless nights,
Hauntingly humming to the tune of my broken life,
For I am familiar creak in your floorboards.

Even when the greatest clouds came to rise you up,
Higher than what I could reach with my ***** hands,
I am there to watch your fall from grace,
To laugh in mirth as you tumble down your house of cards,
To sink you further down the pit with force so harsh,
And then coddle you back into my sickly embrace.

For I am a familiar creak in your floorboards,
A ghost so restless from our immature past,
Between torn sheets and dilapidated beds,
Across pillows and saliva covered bedheads,
For I am a the one you always seem to regret,
An afterthought in your every waking moment.
For when they make you feel like they regret having you.
In the darkest hour of his darkest night,
A man sat hunched with his dwindling light,
A sliver of hope behind all his fright,
Memories keeping him from giving up the fight,
For he just needed to make it through alright.

In the deepest crevice in his hollow heart,
Like an ancient piece of forgotten art,
Lay his very soul that keeps falling apart,
Every second stung like a poison dart,
His very being crumbles part by part.

In his sickened body runs so many a mark,
In his bloodless skin looks so very stark,
In his hollow head the eyes became dark,
Lifeless and empty as an abandoned park,
His parched throat struggling to bark.

He just needed to pass through tonight,
Keeping all the monsters at bay with all his might,
Making most of the warmth from his dying light,
And yet after all this senseless flee and flight,
His very old friend found him and said 'Goodnight'.
I seem to have this problem with me,
That everytime I go out, I always find myself in a dark alley,
A disgusting piece of s*it stinking of ***** and ***,
A very sad character with a dark twisted reality,
One who can't be able to return to normality.

As everyday I wander this restless streets of grey,
Trying my hardest to not let my body sway,
Walking the cobbled sidewalk in a funny way,
Talking and yelling to random people "Hey!"
Trying to reach them as they parted away.

For I looked like a plauge walking restlessly,
In no certain path but leading to Misery,
Singing songs with a bittersweet melody,
A tortured bird in a cage of depravity,
Crying out hoping to gain Sympathy.

But as the Mother shines her rays on me,
I see myself in a moment of Clarity,
A sad man full of Sorrow and Agony,
Of Regrets and Broken Dreams of Vanity,
The very reasons that caused me my own Frailty.

Tears run down my cheeks in self pity,
My heart bursting to its full capacity,
I wailed letting go of my own sanity,
Trekking a path to doom like a Calamity,
The Moon shining down as I bring out the monster in me.
When it all comes crashing down.
I held you dear despite the cold
To have you near me, to keep you from harm
To absorb your features, a look once bold
A sturdy human being, with an embrace so warm

A heart of gold, with bright silver smiles
Your once thoughtful and twinkling eyes
Your laughs of precious joy, echoing for miles
Your melodious voice, honey and spice

But I look at you now, a broken empty space
But I smile at you anyway, to forget my own pain
I took your arm gingerly, clasp our hands into a lace
I kiss you so lovingly, even to have it all in vain

As warm tears fell, turning my eyes to red
I cried out to you, full of sorrow and grief
As you lay there quietly, still on a marble bed
Cold kisses to remind me, of your life that went so brief
Cold kisses...
The Dark ominous corridor beckons at me
In my mind, deep within delicious Agony
Reminding me of moments of my Idiocy
A weakness to Purge by hurting me.

Pierce my Eyes so I can't see
Carve it from its own sockets free
I'll cry myself in ****** tears of glee
For these lenses sinned by looking at thee

Shut my Mouth so I can't  speak
Or taste kisses that make me weak
Sew it up with threads so thick
For these lips have sinned kissing a *****

Cut my whole Body and throw it in a bag
From my head to my torso and my every leg
With my pounded bones and flesh turned to rag
For my whole body sinned, your touch I still beg

And lastly for the finale of my Purification
Take my Heart away as a final decision
Rip it all out with reckless abandon
For it sinned, loving you with devotion

For hurting Myself is my final solution
My penance and truth from this horrid Illusion
An act I will make with my own volition
To ******* own love for thee with Self Mutilation.
A dark poem by a dark poet of a dark past and a dark present moving forward to a dark path in the dark world.

Been a while I guess...
You are me in another body,
The same soul split in two,
A double dose of insanity,
From all things we share and do,
Both full of poise and profanity,

A Recluse and a Star,
We are both bright and dim,
Born of Love and War,
We are pushed to Sanity's rim,
Both so near yet so far,

You are the emmisary of Hope,
As I am the envoy of Despair,
You are the kind Antelope,
As I am a terrifying Bear,
Together we gently Develop,

To be relentless and cruel,
Yet just, kind and fair,
To be Iron Handed on our Rule,
Yet Gentle like a Mother's Care,
To both be the King and the Fool,

For you are my twin,
My other side of the cosmos,
My hollowed soul piece within,
My piece of Olympus in Erebos,
For we exist in each other's skin.
Random Babblings (  -   _   -  ) I need coffee... stat...
Is waking up everyday a sweet life warranty?
Or is it the most cruel punishment for people like me?
You see, everyday is a Sea of Perpetual Agony,
What with my head filled with Stress and Anxiety,
With all my warped and f*cked up perception of reality.

With all the voices urging me to fail, for every step is steep,
The flashes of graves and coffins are memories I'm forced to keep,
With it in my dark Void of a bedroom I wallow and weep,
For even if I try to fight a little, I always trip,
Always landing in the pit of Depression hurting me with it's jagged tip.

You see, everytime I stand at a crowded grocery aisle,
I feel my stomach lurch and taste the bitter rising bile,
Even when I am ready to bolt and cover up the mile,
I just crumple there, a wheezing and weeping heaping pile,
Frozen yet I am burning in a hellish pyre made up of unwanted people smiles.

You see, people close to me kept trying to ease with a high cost,
To bring out the Happy in me from my heart covered in biting frost,
To make my eyes shine which already have an emotionless gloss,
To find 'Me', yet answer a question I have asked most,
How can you have found me if I myself am lost?

You see, every part of me screams in absolute Pain and Anguish,
Everyday a lethal poison more caustic than it is feverish
For every word I hear, claws from a monster so fiendish,
A cruel reality with dark creatures full of malevolence, ready to ravish,
You see... this is why for me Death is a welcome friend and my dying wish.
The Reality of the Depressed. One I still need to perform yet can't find the time to do so.
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