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Adam Robinson Jan 2018
You pull the love out of me,
Like scientists harvest the silk of a spider,
Pinned down, days of freedom behind,
nailed to the bed arms outstretched,
How does it feel?
Nailed down there with precision?
Unmoving all strength gone,
Arachne's curse unbound onto me,
In me,
Out of me,
and in the walls,
You pull and you pull,
Weaving your own gossamer dream,
Of silken castles and fort walls,
Do you even want to feel?
No sirens for you to save.
Dancing with death at my traitorous embrace,
Dreams are so flammable,
and so is your heart,
The sparks of feeling,
Undo so much.
Last night somebody loved me --
and undid every word.
Let the Melody Shine
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
I see,
The breaking thread.
I hear,
The ticking clock.
I know,
The feeling unspun.
I want,
No real heaven,
That picks apart my soul.
I’ve been in this dream state all my life,
Moving from beautiful wasteland to fertile wasteland.
Of all the ruined lessons,
one struck home.
of millions of centuries,
the truth finally etched in bone,
Never again will I take the ****** surgical knife,
Of memory and rhyme,
Of language and thought,
Of love and delusion,
To open up worlds in people,
Just to hold their hand.
Let the Melody Shine
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
I can't quite decide how to start this.
To start moving on from this.
You have wrecked the corridors of my dreams of you.
Not by choice I should say.
So I made an incarnation of you out of:
the blossom of cherry trees,
the light of purple sunsets,
the crooked cathedral smiles in your laugh,
and the great green ponds to make your eyes.
So full of life and decay.
Your skull I found along the path;
inside your cracked motorbike helmet.
You'd forget it, if weren’t for me.
Your skin I took from the sheets of your favourite bed.
Soft and white, they wrapped the old statue of you.
I filled the marble with lemonade and blood.
From a dead deer,
and glued it together with sap,
struck down from a tree by thunderbolt last night.
It bound the objects to your made-up soul,
though pretty it was still so very sore.
It flickered its eyes,
but alas I forgot to make your hair,
So I took the form from a frozen ocean wave,
caught in a breeze.
I placed it on your head where a crown should be.
I lost your old one, its thorns now broken off and rusty.
You stood naked and alive before me.
An image I longed to see from all those memories,
I had of you.
Oh say that you can see,
my true love had finally come to me.
But I didn't need it.
I've lied to you and I created you purely so you could be taken away.
With that I pushed you away.
You looked at me with that dead frozen smile.
Your eyes gushed with sewage and rotten chemicals.
Your skin, teardrop stricken, began to rip at the seams.
The collection of bones began to snap and bend.
The blossom tree aged and became dust under the weight.
The light of the sunsets that made your soul now snuffed out.
The whimpering creatures in the shadows, reclaimed their prize.
My stupid self had been born from sadness,
so sadness it became.
But my drive for release,
killed myself and my friend.
So I made My creation become destruction
so happiness I became to thee.
An that dear reader was the end of me.
Let the Melody Shine
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
Take the halos from our heads;
Grabbed hold of the burden;
Placed them in our eyes and saw;
That pretty face in pain;
& caught our small souls - so raw,
I could even feel you again.

We needed to set you free;
From angels eyes aglow;
So you are not alone;
But our nature hides from view;
This twilight dream has hailstone,
& battered my heart so blue.

If heaven ever took heed;
from our grey creatures fey;
It would know of fairer things;
& not slay 'twisted' love;
You claw at your doll's heart-strings,
But fawn over the silk glove.
You reach into yourselves,
and find no magic dove.
But there is a answer,
to calm your weathered friends,
Creep into the old stories,
let them be known onto you,
greet them like old siblings,
and they will not smother you.
They lost no war in clouds,
and seek and look with no frowns,
they carry themselves with pride,
not banished or forced to hide,
Listen to their song,
Protect their corroding land,
Look at them softly,
and hold onto their immortal hand.
If iron modernity is too much,
In its boil, steam and hiss,
Listen and know only this -
For the faeries hold more wisdom,
than the banker's unkind system.
Let The Melody Shine
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
It hurts so good.
It hurts so bad.
Why leave me alone?
When you can just be mad.

I don't wanna wait.
I don't wanna stay.
Can't you hear me?
When I lie I just fade away.

Prom evening sighs.
Drugged night highs.
Bedroom prison lows.
Head asylum blows.

Maybe if I just slowed down?
Maybe if I just stopped?
I could be myself.
I could breathe again.
Let The Melody Shine
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
I'll check the news,
Then turn off my phone.
Switch off the light,
And crawl into my cocoon.
I'll stare in darkness,
Waiting for light,
A flash of writing,
With a wave of delight.
Some nights it's just dark,
Some nights it's bright,
Some nights I crawl away,
And feast upon my lonely fright.
Gnaw on bones of past lovers,
And wrestle with fantasies of memory.
Underneath my covers.
Breaking down again in certainty,
Only in the low hours,
Am I stuck in never-ending cycles?
To avoid the angel on the window ledge ,
who does nothing but glowers,
with its golden hooded eyes,
Again and again.
Let The Melody Shine
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
I'm not a perfect anything,
or even a fallen star.
But you make me heavenly darker,
by just being who you are.
Your fingers burn from my tears,
and sighs.
I can't exist in your heart anymore,
while we just sit there and cry.
It just leaves us both so aching,
and sore.
Spinning down into each other's eyes,
God I wished you loved me.
It's unhealthy.
It can't be.
Even if it was,
I'd be shattered by half past three.
You kiss her,
you can't kiss me.
Better be a broken heart,
than a cruel flutter.
Let the Melody Shine
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