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Adam Robinson Jan 2018
Teenage wrists
Nailed onto the ladder
Booming wombs
Locked inside self-made tombs
Over patterns of choice
Swallow it all
To wake the twisting consumer
Of molochlolita
I'd **** you if I can
But that won't make me a man
No wonder the youth is getting allergic
All the magic
Has failed
Let the Melody Shine
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
Remember me when I have gone away,
Little to say and little never told,
I'm not sorry when you leave me so cold,
Perhaps it's your missing soul that leads you say,
I don't know what I want or what I need,
But I know in my heart of hearts-- not you
Perhaps it was greed but -
Least you be happy at the pains of others.
Sit next to me and quiet down for a few.
Tell me of songs and whispers anew.
Of once upon a dream where visions sigh,
So we may fly and forget that we die.
Get Out of My Head
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
A Male fatale,
Eyes of golden green.
Hair like a Doré angel.
And muscles so mean.
Subverting the life of another.
Pale or frozen.
Glass blown and sharp.
Angels of heaven dancing on his skin,
A King of Clubs and diamond studded desire,
Keeping me in line.
Leather, shades, and wings outstretched,
A Poet joker.
A dancing demon.
Shush sweet Vampyre.
You devour the love out of me -
Paradise might overhear.
You to me are everything I dreamed -
Jealousy will ensue.
I wish I was your only,
As you are to another,
And another and another.
So help me please.
There's no blessed plot for me now.
Get Out Of My Head
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
My hearts a ***** for you.
It would crack open my knuckles in pain,
Even to count everything again,
Simple I know but its true -
Because I just can't say no to you.

My skins a martyr written in flesh,
I wonder...
Which way can it fold and which way can it stretch?
But I wont cry for you.
It brakes and stutters over words of din,
Paralyzed and looking for some other kin.
For better words to say -- for when the door shuts.

I would name you a monster,
or call on a god.
For little can be left behind when it's written in song,
Midnight kisses sunken in a melody,
Please don’t make me wait too long.
Changing my screams for a new painted faces,
Sickening fake smiles,
They chase me
Into the dark growths of night.
This stage of chaos.
This fool and jester.
At least we had a nice time,
While I performed away my soul.
Get Out Of My Head
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
Sometimes I sit in light
And stare at the white.
Stabbing into the blue and black
Sometimes red
Sometimes purple
Not knowing what to write
But still knowing the feeling
Is the hardest thing to put right
When hidden messages bubble away
And lurks in caves and corners too distant to say
I dislike the game
I dislike the play
I dislike the victory of Idea all the way
As it goes I will still have less to say
In one year two year or three or even four
Wrote words of fancy
In muffled grey noise
Try to coax out shapeless love
And fold out furrowed landscape
Pin down stupid symbol
Wheel out old metaphor
Use rhyme all the time
And never fall in front of the stubborn old law
It's a problem with the structure
Its in the letters of old
How can a meaning become new
Or a message so bold
It can't be original
Nothing ever is
But perspective lives on
In its own dreary fizz
Over and over
The battle never ends
Between pen and paper
Between young and old
Between idea and nation
The paper always the victim
never the winner
nor the muse or even the killer
Language indeed is the oldest sinner.
Get Out Of My Head
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
Tousle your blue rinsed hair,
I see you smirk in your waking sleep.
Can we prefer this over the things we left in bed?
Looking into the wardrobe mirror,
We saw fuchsia sunsets outside in the garden,
beyond the rusted gate,
I laugh while you flex for me,
Your v-lines stretch and deepen,
Whats your last name?
Lend you my purple sweater,
Come lie down love.
Black coffee steaming on the frozen window sill,
Steam creeping upwards,
Glass chilled from all the sapphire snow.
Outside what a dream,
Do you think we will still talk after?
Bathroom chats while you brush your teeth,
Listen to the drops of silence,
Orange light caressing your open neck,
Move in shadows out of and into dream
Mouth out words in fire
I don't know who I am in this,
Ontop or onbottom we don't care,
Swimming in the breaths of each other
Wish we could talk about it.
Haven't left bed yet,
Your green phone slips from your hand,
Wrestle on pillow and give up in kisses.
Imagine other people down on the street,
Give them names and stories,
deep in wanderlust,
Nothing can hurt you or me,
Blessed are the lovers who choose not to immediately see.
Get Out of My Head
Adam Robinson Jan 2018
Julia led me here
To where I see the Hypnotic stare
Waking up
Neck rolling open
My eyelids flutter to see
I’m standing in a train
Every seat filled with someone I've loved
Or know
Love in every corner
The carriage Windows flicker and whirr
Lights racing
Images tearing
Speeding down
No noise at all
The rattle of a journey unbound
Just earthquakes in my heart
I see him staring at me
The lights glare at me now
Stop and shine
He steps forward
People move
Family and friends
Old loves and new
Armoured with fury
Grit and teeth
All in it to obey an unseen force
Deep within they
Grab my throat and arms
Press in their fingers
Twist their hold of my skin
Lock their legs against mine
Rip My clothes
Their jaws widening
Fallen stars in their fangs.
Dawdling rampage
Nightmare canines.
Force me to stand and listen
Breathing hard
He moves closer
I try to break free
A Choir of Hurt in slow motion
He reaches
Still time
And Glitches
Static prayer
Am I real?
Whose holding me?
I'm back and I'm dancing
Wonderland gone bust
Smell of alcohol replaces fear
The lights move back and the bass thumps
The track lifted and seats fall back
The train melts and becomes a dance floor
The glass coughs and walks by
Becomes an atonement in authenticity
The metal casing now wooden and flexing
Warps into
the bar from before
I need to stop doing this
Remembering things that never happened
He's gone
But I saw him here
What's happening.
There's a screen on the wall
It’s still playing out
Julia's swimming in the low tide.
Dancing in the seas spray.
Laughing at the spring moon.
Carries a conch shell and fools around.
The Sound drowns her.
Cracked lens films her.
Sunset in her sparkling old eyes
She's crying.
Just Out of sight.
Pink Luminous emotion.
Pale green ghosts.
Who am I?
Everyone ignores her.
Is this dreams colliding?
Caught in the crossfire.
Fallible heartbeat.
All I had.
I need someone to hold me
From this trauma
That isn’t mine
That’s the trouble with dreaming of empathy
Get Out Of My Head
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