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Z Jan 21
i was born yesterday
everything was new
i’d never heard my grandma cry
yet her face was fresh with dew

someone held me yesterday
i was an infant in her arms
her voice was milk and honey
as she whispered to be calm

i was born yesterday
the day another passed
his wife just couldn’t wake him
when she got home from mass
Desire Dec 2018
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
When I wanted flowers from you yesterday,
you didn't bring any.
Yesterday it would've been healthy by today,
and grown by tomorrow.
Well at least I know that I'll get them tomorrow,
but all they'll do is lay above me:
out in the soil with dirt blowing over them
and I will no longer be there to water those flowers
Congratulations if you got it and I am still alive!
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Nothing but sleep I've done
today really travelled my
dreams outside wet windy and cold no reason or need to go out
Drift from dream to dream, even go back to a dream after waking I dream of my girl still feel the sweetness of her kiss upon my lips
Her arms that once held me so tight the softness of her breast brushing the hairs on my
Her hands caressing my body, so wonderful these dreams
I'll never let go, hang on to the dreams I hear her say, love Is not just for yesterday
Love not just for yesterdays love forever I can relive my life with my wife through my dreams
Maxim Keyfman Dec 2018
dissolving in the violet rays
I'm in september I'm on the beach on the dark
coast by the sea of ​​the past summer
i dissolve on the beach in purple
rays with modulations of moons with modulations
ice with fire rays from under the roofs

dissolving in the violet rays
I'm all standing I'm standing all standing and now
I go I go I go I go and my eyes
look straight at the time they look
straight into september and what do i want to say
and what does september want to tell me I don't know

dissolving in the purple rays I know
I know that I know what those moments were
tomorrow they will leave me tomorrow tomorrow
today they left me and then already yesterday
and the roof broke through the waves on the seas

Latifah Nov 2018
They'll come and go
you'll be hurt and you'll be okay
feelings will never stay
if you don't let them make a home of you
not the way you feel today
not the way you'll feel tomorrow
and certainly not the way you felt yesterday.
Maxim Keyfman Nov 2018
what is this snow outside the window
early snow and morning outside
today and today tomorrow today
today is the first first first snow
outside the window now and yesterday and today
I woke up and a strong wind blew and
there was no rain but there was a strong wind
strong enough and here he is now
still today today is still stronger
what is the snow outside the window and early morning

Jodie-Elaine Nov 2018
The day sits waiting in it's pear-shaped
room, one of the vacant eyed occupants of other, older,
occupied chairs.
The day crosses it's knees, one leg
over the other as a white flag,
The day wants it's peace,
it fought the world wars, caught it's reflection aged,
tripped over itself
calling itself out, a
This day knows it won't live tomorrow,
knows it's wanted blind and poor, so waits
in a waiting room,
wasting the room's air in an exchange of
This day is counting down it's losses, putting
all of it's seconds in a jam jar.

And there are screams never externalised, legs never uncrossed,
paperweights weighing less than those they push to the floor, and
this day is
this day is
from the inside out in the form of folded linen,
inconspicuous on a plastic chair.
This day holds
up the moon,
hears it's laughter and falls through the cracks
in the tide.
His knuckles aren't
connected to his fingertips and
shoulders feet apart
from the spine,
the spine crossing one leg over the other in a pear-shaped room
with fingertips tapping at themselves, writhing into an hourglass formation.
This day is holding
up the walls.
Count this day lost when your eyes skip it, miss it, dance past it
in a waiting room.
Count this day screaming
when you wake up tomorrow.
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