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the annual gift-giving hectivities
in advent time
       when we are


      expecting the birth of our savior
defy traditional ideas
    of quiet meditation
drowning the sense of wonder
with relentless jingles for super discount sales
of things neither we
        nor anybody else
        really needs
even though they suggest we
        and whoever we give those goodies to
would be beyond  the moon

       in spite of all this
gets born
Donna Nov 2019
Driving in my car
I saw birds fly in the sky
Happy Jolly smiles
** ❤️ Been to work today with my husband we had lovely drive home **
Anivas Forrester Mar 2018
O' young one.
How long has it been,
since you last knew
the colour of the sky,
the smell of freshly-cut grass,
the sound of laughter,
the touch of another,
the feeling of warmth,
and being alive?

When was the last time
you said,
"I love you."
and meant it?
Felt happy,
and genuinely felt it?
How long...
Are you going to continue living this way?
How long until you decay?

There is another way,
just take it day by day...
Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to stop and appreciate the little things in life. Sometimes, it's the small, simple things in life which bring us bliss.
Diya Feb 2018
Though every being
In the solitary hut was asleep
She was still awake
Thinking of a song to sing!

The crickets shrilling voice
Were eager to start a collaboration
It was her choice
To sing "All of me" or "Attention"!

But she didn't opened her vocal cords
As if, suddenly,
She forgot every lyrical word.

That's because her day was exhausting
Full of hardwork , rather hectic.
She wish for a moment of leisure and relaxing
But Who would bother her wish and perspective?

With a deep sigh,
She faced the pillow
Closed both the eye,with a
"Next day would be happy and mellow."
Small girl....huge burden is what it's about!
Donna Jan 2018
When life gets busy
Enjoy the wonderful ride
And never look back
:)) I love this one as I love life when it gets hectic ***
Gabriel burnS Dec 2016
Conflagration rages
through the neuron forest;
in the end were lies,
deceived by honesty.

The first to flee
were all the beasts,
while the humane
remained behind
to burn up in a trace
of sapience.
I walk alone
I find beauty in the sparkle of the sidewalk when the sun hits it just right
I follow the crack in the concrete like a map
It wasn't meant to be there but I'm glad it is

I'm glad I am

I find beauty where I thought I'd find pain
These are the moments that let me feel sane
Search for beauty where it's least expected
You'll find a shine in your eye and a love that is reckless

But there's beauty in the hectic
Embrace the beautiful when it's messy
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