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yann Mar 2021
it's raining today.
i can't see it, though the raindrops creep in under my skin,
water flooding me from inside,
where was i going with this except that the drops
are asking questions about things i was so sure of, until now.
what am i to you.
what am i to me,
isn't rain supposed to cleanse ? i'm still so *****.
jay Oct 2020
boys like me ache with loving boys like you. boys like me stretch our limbs and try as hard as we can, but we never reach the stars boys like you enjoy staring at. boys like me wear our hearts on our sleeves, knowing boys like you wouldn’t think twice before ripping away and stealing, because boys like you keep their hearts nested safely behind their ribs and boys like me only hope you’d keep our hearts safe too. boys like me ache with loving boys like you, and boys like you love to be loved more than they can ever love boys like me.
very fragile let me walk my way there
very soft male cover with metal casing all over here
Can’t really uphold my sobriety that well
I’ll come crashing, but rebuild myself the coming year
I would enjoy your company if you can empathize
It would be amazing recreating skits from romantic comedy
Or your favorite film
Take pictures with mine
I like the smile you give, especially when the sunsets
looking amazing staring west
I guess I’m trying to say, I’m sorry I’m not strong to let anyone come to my core just yet.
Sometimes it’s hard for us guys expressing ourself or even better yet try to be brave enough to let people in our life.
LearnfromBOBD Dec 2018
I saw you in my dream
You came through indeed
What’s the hell is this
Is New Year Eve, 2019
that I can see
Coming down from the hills
Colm Apr 2018
I could tell you a tale
Of eyes like his or of hair like hers
And how such moved, or was, or is
But this is known
To all imaginations
That the retelling and told
Of an already known
Will not change your life
Though the telling of who
To whom through you
May yet remold
Your life into an amalgamate
Simply. They'll never know for sure. Unless you tell them that it's about them.
Colm Mar 2018
Love her like your ideal love
Like the dream of how she’ll love you
But an ideal is not an excuse for this
You must explain what love means to you
This is How
Caitlin Jun 2015
Everyone can see I'm still not over you.
I tried to be.
I dated another boy, let him in.
Told him all my secrets and tried to love him.
Yet, every time we fought, my first thought was always,
"you would have understood."

It's been 463 days since we went out separate ways.
You "accidentally" dated a carbon copy of me,
who was less depressed and more confident.

It took us over a year to see be able to be in the same room together.
It wasn't awkward- it was nice.
Until I realized my nails were in palms,
so I didn't touch you.
I felt you radiate heat and wanted nothing more than to curl up in your lap.
So I guess they're right,
I'm not over you.
But it takes two to tango.
why are you 5000 miles away?
Realeboga M Mar 2015
One day she may beg for your forgiveness.
One day he may come back crawling.
One day they may want to sort things through.
They may want to get back what was lost because they miss you...

But for now they are walking away from you...
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