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May 2021
To see You in victory
Regardless of my brokenness,
For You are my one thing.


The war is a good language;
For in every war, there's always a victory --
A victory in a Name who's above all other names.

The Name who's good in defending,
Who's good at perfecting,
In drawing closer those hearts that are calling for help.
Those who plead and trust only Him.

The strengthening of the Lord covers all ages,
It's a transformation from inside out
And it's through the breath of life.

We listen in His voice like lullabies in our ears.
We need not pretend that we are strong by ourselves,
To stop taking the first steps
But instead, allow Him to take us to His ways.

For when John saw the revealed Jesus;
He no longer is the wounded One,
But He is seen as the resurrected One.

Maybe we've been trying out too many schemes
And our strategies always lead us to an end --
The dead-end of our lives.

But tonight, God wants to remind you
That your ending is the new beginning
And that Jesus already died for you and me.

His death became the beginning
Of exchanging meaning of what "victory" is all about.
A beginning that sprouts like a new leaf;
A beginning living in His testimony.

He says, "Come up here and see."
See it for yourself;
Because the Lord already prepared a banquet.

Jesus has an invitation to see Him,
To experience His salvation, His blessings
And so we can be filled with wonders and awe once again.
God is just waiting.
Written by
SYL  F/PPC Palawan, Philippines
(F/PPC Palawan, Philippines)   
     Melancholy of Innocence and SYL
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