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Don't hurt me ,

Yes ,

I can do that on my own .
Satvik gupta Jun 16
The ups' and  downs' of your life are analogous to the highs' and the lows' of a musical note.

Guess , the first makes a different song  the other makes a different  you .
Satvik gupta Jun 8
With practice and time you can acheive anything in life .
Satvik gupta May 18
You don't have to be in love to show love.
Satvik gupta Apr 24
Your mistakes means nothing if you never regretted doing that  .
This thought will change according to your will , that is how u take it !

I am confused too .

regret enters
Satvik gupta Apr 18
Try to identify the difference between your "needs" and your "wants " .
Satvik gupta Apr 14
You are hated now ,

                                Because ,

                                            You were loved once.
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