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Satvik gupta Aug 1
He / she is not special ,

You have made him/her  special ,

and that too for yourself .

So stop thinking and move on from that relationship more likely that hardship to say 👀
Satvik gupta Jul 29
Your Truth is always better than regretting the lies*.
Satvik gupta Jul 9
A complete state of stillness ,

Nothing remains with you !

Except you and your

Loneliness .
Satvik gupta Jul 8
Some wounds can only be healed by humans not the time

Some wounds can only be healed by time not the humans .
Satvik gupta Jul 4
Empty heart


The Empty eyes

What will you choose ?

The soul , she said .
Satvik gupta Jul 2
Lot of things happened between us but it's your choice to prioritise the good or the bad
Satvik gupta Jun 29
Surrounded by people still feeling lonely ,

Eyes full of tears still looking empty .
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