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I hold you so proudly ,

Trauma still surrounds me.

I wish I could call you back ,

Not on the cellphone ,

But in real .
How to fake happiness ?

I am unable to do that .

I want to learn it .
Lost myself !

Dealing with issues that I created by myself !

I don't want to live this life !

I am tired ,
I am exhausted ,

I need a shoulder ,

I am guessing I will get that in my funeral ,
That too in multiples of two 😁.
Satvik gupta Jan 22
Wish I could explain my explanation as per your understanding !

Wish I had better' communication skills as per your understanding !
bina kuch kahe sab kuch samjh jaate the ,
Aaj bol k bhi na samjha Pate bai tumhe .
Chalte to aaj bhi teri hi taraf hai ,
Fir bhi na jaane kyu tere se door hi chale jaate h .
Satvik gupta Jan 19
Slowly slowly,

Music replaced her .
Satvik gupta Jan 14
Lost you as my girlfriend,

Lost me as your friend.
Who's sitting with the greatest lost ?
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