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West Apr 19
At first I thought it was a label assigned to me
showing in the way I sit alone in crowds of people
laughing at jokes I don't find funny
and allowing myself to remain static.

And then it was a challenge
'how can I make you like me today?'
'what do I need to do?'
Because of course it was all my fault.
That all others could find was fault in me.
No longer rigid static,
but yielding conformity
my personalities clashing
but crafted with artisan flair.

A prideful statement.
Bitterly, bitterly free
from all expectations
placed on me.
Strong in solidarity.
Perhaps not lovable to you;
but lovable to me.
N Mar 7
The only motherly thing I knew
was the coldness of my blade;
gently washing away the
sadness of my burdened heart
She never made me feel loved only afraid and unsafe.
am I really that hard to love?
or am I just unlovable?

it's my fault for pushing everyone away.
it's my fault because I'm never there.

it's my fault.
is it?

am I really that hard to love?
or am I just afraid of getting hurt?

am I really hard to love?
should we love?

how does one love?

am I really that hard to love?
or it's just we all love differently.

what is love?
It's been a while...
Brittany Nov 2019
I know you wish I was skinny
I can feel it in my bones
The girls you’ve touched were pretty
Trophies you could bring home

I’ll never be ****
Just cute for what I am
My hair is always messy
At least it matches what’s within

I crave to feel desired
I just want to drive you crazy
I know that you’re tired
But I need to be your baby

Love me, kiss me, sink your teeth into my skin
**** me, need me , show me where you’ve been

    Please don’t leave me alone in this bed
EntityRightHand Oct 2019
I am
Like the disease I have

Its better you're not mine.
purple heart Aug 2019
i don't feel happy like i used too.
i wonder what's different.
is it you or me.
or maybe i just don't feel the same anymore.

maybe we need to break it off.
a break, or need to break it off?
Sarah Apr 2019
If Fate were ever to be kind,
If Hope could ever stay alive.
If You would please stay in my life,
Maybe I’d find my peace of mind.
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