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LoReLy Feb 2020
When everything seems fade
try to embrace your dreams
make sure you follow them
and always live with hope

In the end, everything will be in your favour.
LoReLy Feb 2020
It's been a while since I forgot to share my thoughts
It's like I miss a part of me and am trying to remember
That sense of liberty.

The childhood's far away
she's gone forever now

When this time has crossed the line
And took away the beautiful things around?
LoReLy Feb 2020
I wonder how long I will be
In this field of fantasy

you make me feel a star
you give me strength
to float through this world
like a firefly

to dream forever happy
enchanted by your charm
LoReLy Feb 2015
Love the way I feel
When you fly to me.
LoReLy Feb 2015
He can make you look pretty,
and you'll be so attached
And in a moment
you'll give him an opportunity
to find in his soul
what kind of person he is.
And while you knowing him
you'll fell that feeling straight
and never will be the same.
LoReLy Feb 2015
Sometimes I wonder if it's right to be around you
and even if I try so hard to explain myself that it's wrong,
my mind and my body make's me walk to my reason for what I want.

So deeply in to you I just store my memories away
I just think it's only in my dream and you'll never be a company
My world is all I want, It's all he count in life
'cause never want to loose that feeling who make's me feel alive...
LoReLy Feb 2015
Je suis confu dans votre monde
je suis perdu dans vos yeux
Profondément à l'intérieur de votre coeur
enterré dans votre âme...
Vous aimer sans fin!
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