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Farah Taskin Apr 13
The news was new, surprising,
as well as not boring
The flying carpet came with the magic lamp

My town has altered
Sometimes I can't recognise it
Selfishness seems to me
like the darkness of the abyss

Genies ring the doorbell
ding ding ding ding ding

I ask myself, what's  wrong?
Finally I sang a sad song.
Farah Taskin Mar 1
Hats off to you

There lived someone like him on planet earth

May Allah accept him as a martyr and grant him eternal peace
Farah Taskin Feb 21
The cold, dead girl prefers the huts lonesome, especially the haunted  huts
She detests  pin drop silence
So for her, the sorrowful wind moans
lugubriously through the oaks and pines
The candlestick looks scary

Suppose you're  a spirit medium
Call her quietly
She will respond and pass through  the troposphere,  the stratosphere,  the mesosphere and the thermosphere
She is a good ghost
She resides in Sirius
The dead sinners  stay  in the inner  core

Life and Death are inextricable
The unending afterlife ...
Time knows how to fly
A gleam  of hope knows  how to try
Rain knows how to cry
A novella  knows how to lie
A desert  knows  how to remain  dry
The Mimosa  pudica  knows  how to be shy
A poetic mind knows how to be a clear  sky
and everyone was born to die
everyone is  born to die
everyone will be born to die.
Farah Taskin Jan 2
I love the country of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
The sparkle of the conscience,
Rises in the bright sky...
"But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians."-Nelson Mandela
Farah Taskin Dec 2023
SEE, how in their eyes nightmares
how in their minds frustration builds the nest
in their misfortunes, life can't unfold its wings
Farah Taskin Dec 2023
Kukheto Balfour ghoshona
Mossad, semitic bosoti, Mr Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu-jeno eki shutre gatha
Benito Mussolini'r, Adlof Hitlter'r
**** Party 'r, holocaust er day bhar bohon korte hochchhe oshohay Filistiniderke
Ihudira ure eshe jure boshechhilo
Ki onnay ki onnay
Puro prithibitai cholchhe onnayer opor
Arab League, OIC, jatishongho
Ekhon bhishonbhabe proshnobiddho
Moddho prachcher muslim deshgulor
sharthoporta dekhar motoi
Farah Taskin Oct 2023
There are pandemics,
earthquakes, floods,
famine, wildfire,
volcanic eruptions,
peril, disease, death,
oppressors in this planet
Do you want and love peace?
Earth is not the suitable place to live
for you.
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