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and awhile
ago this
night was
tragic but
magic I
gad in
her eyes
yet the
bright corners
of my
jane have
evolved thus
afar from
the chafe
and this
schism must
die alone
Yanamari May 2019
As I wait
In the night's cold
The echoes of rain long gone
I fall back
Sweet reactions
And sweet smiles
Evoked by the idiosyncrasies of life,
All genuine
Whilst my heart
Congeals the idiosyncratic nature of
My exterior
With my interior.

A concept irrevocable.
In it's amalgamation,
The force of its flux
Is unsettling.
And in my unsettled ease
Where does that leave me?
Rain: II
Helene Marie Apr 2018
i do not wish
for you to remember me
solely based upon
my face

i pray that
when you hear my name
you don't just recall
my exterior
i wish for you to see
the sights,
the joys,
the sadness,
behind my eyes;
the songs,
the messages,
the noises,
heard by my ears;
the words,
the stories,
the lyrics,
that pass through my lips

i hope
that when you
remember the sight
of me,
it's the inside
you truly see
nabi 나비 Jul 2017
when you see me
you only see my exterior
you see my baggy tees
and hazel eyes
you don't see the interesting parts of me
you don't see
my love for films
my adoration for a cat called lavender
my curiosity stored for murderers
my gypsy like spirit
my heart for poetry and literature
my collection of thick blankets and sweaters
my fondness for the brown haired girl miles away
my memories connected to lyrics and concert tickets
my obsession with candles and sunsets
you don't see the real me
unless you want to
and i want you too as well
because when you do
your able to see
my poetry with story upon story
my camera roll of cat and concert pictures
my messy room after a weekend trip
my eyes tired of awakening from sleep
my blush whilst reading
my smile reserved for my cat and loved ones
my tidiness caused from stress and feeling
my 7 am sleepy laugh
my messy self after a week of difficulty
when you see me
you see all of me
the destroyed me, the happy me, all of me
and you'll only see that
if i want you too
im guarded but no one would know it. for some reason i still think that this is beautiful and its okay to think that
samantha page Sep 2016
i see my sock covered feet
that mean so much more than's shown
moving along to the beat
as if they have a mind of their own

fiddling around
or bouncing to the beat
without so much as a sound

when the rest of me is still
my feet give away my restless interior
the small part of me no one can ever ****
my feet are it's portal to the exterior
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
Love is an EXTERIOR to life,
     Interior to death,
Sublimity of madness - and;
     An Angel of breath.
Maria Etre Dec 2015
You walked in
a pool of sharks
knowing where the good fish is
and the plankton floats

You were floating in
a great ocean of possibilities
some so foreign, your eyes dilated
some so familiar you felt elated

You slid next to great whales of knowledge
and shook the tentacles with wise octopi
with strands of experience

You got bitten by piranhas of isolation
and even bled internally from bumping shoulders
with beautiful heartless corals

Then one day you met a seashell and her friend
you marveled at the intricate art of nature
and became friends
this time you had the courage to knock

Not all hard exteriors
reflect tough

You just
had to
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