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Many tears must I cry before my eyes fully dry or perhaps the tears of loss never dry at
Many dreams of Helen I have had but how many more  shall I have before I've dreamed  my
Many song play In my head that remind of her every day but to how many morning will I wake before I wake no more
Anastasia Aug 2
True nightmares aren't in color
True nightmares are in black and white
True nightmares don't end when you wake up
Bhill Jul 26
It's too early to bark, I told my dog
The neighbors are sleeping, like a log
Let's not wake them up, for a little while yet
They like to sleep in, or did you forget

Sleeping in is a challenge, for some, but not all
I like to rise early to see that new ball
Colors of the morning are often, grandiose
If you sleep in you miss it, and I need that first dose

Brian Hill - 2019 # 186
Are you an early riser...?
Carl D'Souza Jul 22
I just read the first page
of James Joyce’s ‘novel’
Finnegan’s Wake;
Joyce makes up new words
and uses so many new words
that I could not comprehend
what Joyce had written.

Should authors make effort
to use words
which their audience
can understand?
Eliseatlife Jul 15
Everyone wants some magical solution for their problems
But everyone refuses to believe in magic
Brushstrokes pave the way for a convincing actor
In the most penniless circumstances
I cannot convince people to appreciate my art
It's absolution that brings me to the beginning
A feeling of apprehension of not believing that the world
Only convincing the actor in me to make the choice of dreaming
In this reality where I can live in an opulent dream
Still, I'd rather be stuck somewhere among partially awoke people
While I'm the only one knowing my role
And I must not tell this as I cannot convince people to appreciate my art
Which is simply a daydream
Please like if you were too sleepy to share.
Sorta like my detector for love
I guess this is how I really know if I’m into someone
First I start to feel off
The days begin to fade into each other
I don’t know where one starts and begins
I sleep off the confusion only to
Wake up
More lost.
I don’t feel adequate enough for someone
To love me
I’ll give you my all
Rip my heart out
Blood over your hands
Take whatever you want
But I don’t know if I’ll ever get it back
Priyam Jun 22
Tik Tok
Is it morning again?
Do I have to wake up?
Tik Tok
I like this dish
But it doesn't taste the same anymore
Tik Tok
My hair's a mess
But so is my life
Tik Tok
I have to go out
Oh no, face the world
Tik Tok
I'm out for so long
Do I have to go back? Is it home?
Tik Tok
The day passed and it was uneventful. Or was it?
Did I do something wrong? Did something happen?
Tik Tok
Is it morning again?
As a monotheist
Supernatural events
Were easily explained
Good = miraculous = God
Bad = devilish = Lucy


As an atheist,
Supernatural events
Did not happen


As a polytheist
Supernatural events
Do happen
But with
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