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Left To Rot May 2021
When I was younger I saw something
running on an alley right behind me,
it wasn't a person, it wasn't an animal,
a thing is the only way I can describe it.
I was with a cousin and both of us ran
most importantly, both of us saw
and to this day we can't forget.
It was all black and had bright red eyes
the shape was like a person's but way bigger.
What would've happened if we hadn't escaped?
Where would we be if one of us stayed?
The thing disappeared the very moment we reached the end of the alley, completely.
And, they were mere words
Language understood by few
Fewer, read emotions
The heart, remains red
The wall clean,
And again,
just words
Kristine Feb 2020
Another leaf fell
Agony left
In every groaning heart
Couldn't imagine
In a simple snap
Everything could be vanish
Cherish your life
We only live once.
Kristine Feb 2020
In the middle of the night
You see nothing
As the darkness fills
Every corner of your eyes
As you lift your head's up
Billion of stars shines
Like what you've wished for
Closing your eyes
Cherishing every moment
Before it vanishes in your mind
Before things you wished
Wouldn't happen
And gives regrets
For the rest of your life.
Kristine Feb 2020
As the dawn comes
The new life begins
Waking up
For the new chapter
Welcoming with positivity
Sound of wind
Whispers a hymn
When sunlight touches
Good vibe injects
As time runs
Can't expect
Things may fall out
That accords to the plan
Feels agitating
Causes to ruin
A happy day
You've made
But things fall
In a certain situation
Makes you realize
And understand
Someone's worth
As the twilight comes
Moon started to show
The sparkling stars
Brights during night
Brings hope
For those in the dark.
Brianna Jan 2020
Maybe it was the sleepy way your voice would read me to sleep each night but I was pretty sure I had never known love until then.

It could have been the way you brought me hot chocolate with whipped cream when I was sad because you know those little things mean everything.

And I’m not sure really when it began but I know that once I looked into those eyes I felt my whole world tilt and turn.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to find words to explain love and how it feels.

Little did I know the words were already written they were just being read by the wrong narrator for my story.
Rory Mels Tims Mar 2019
I will speak for you
If you ask me to.
If we try,
There's no dark inside.

But to gain the view
That you want, anew,
You must lay
All your fears aside.

All the worlds you're through,
All the lies so true,
All that's left
Is the great divide.
Where do you think I found this? Yup--on the back of my notebook.
Connor Vibes Jul 2018
Blazing the sun,
Here I am living my life having fun.
The days go by in a world that never sleeps.

Despite my efforts in life of doing my best. Life to me feels like it is a test.
Sometimes I weep, I feel like I’m playing on a deck of cards.

Sometimes people ask, what’s the matter?
But my life’s just getting better.

My soul is like the ocean,
Strong, deep and wild.
Adventurous and creative to the core.

I find myself wanting more.

I’m surrounded in a world that’s just about vanity, but to me that’s just insanity.

Sometimes I feel down, I feel like a clown.
There are times I cry and die a little inside.

My head feels like it’s going to explode when I feel anxious, moments when my head feels like it’s on fire because I feel dire.

I walk alone because I’m wise. I avoid small minds.

Music and clarity are the only things that keep me away from insanity. They are the reflection of my aura. The definition of my life’s mission.
After all, I’ll always do what I can with my time just to be fine.
There’s no need to use my intuition.

A poem written by Connor Vibes.
(2018 - All rights reserved)
Mister J Nov 2017
Bloodshot eyes can't sleep tonight
Heartbeats working in overtime
Your smiling face etched in my jumbled mind
The only clarity in my foggy thoughts

Feelings I can't describe cling on to me
How come I became so full of courage?
To ask you out and tell you these hidden desires
I still can't believe how I managed to tell you

I still can't forget that shine in your eyes
When you held me in your arms tight
The words you whispered still ringing in my ears
Right before the kiss that made you mine

Awkward smiles, juvenile hearts
You shined brightly like stars tonight
Your warmth still brings goosebumps all over
Your securing embrace still feels like a fantasy

Am I dreaming like a madman?
Will this disappear when morning comes?
Why does tomorrow come so slowly?
Why is time so fast when I'm with you?

I've never felt this was before
Like a volcano bursting with emotions
As I grow closer towards your gravity
As I fall into the crevices of your heart

This may be what they call love
These unhinged feelings towards you
They consume every fiber of my being
As I think of ways of how to chase you

I scream out loud this love for you
Unleashing this desire to always be yours
You make me crazier with every look you give
Falling faster than light's speed when you touch me

My forever is yours to hold
I'll chase you to the stars and back
I'll love you deeper than the ocean floor
Just stay with me, for tonight and all coming nights
I remembered the girl I first loved tonight.
I still remember the feelings I had back then.
Got inspired to write this piece.

I was in high school back then.
Those memories still remain very precious to me. :)

How about you guys? Care to share what happened to you when you first fell in love? Comment or message me. :D

-Mister J
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