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Victoria May 2017
Time is so relative
It's always here and there

Running late to work and school
Yet barely anywhere

Is it to late to say I love you?
And is it to late to say I care?

You are my past, my present and my future
Like time, you are everywhere

In my hopes, my dreams, and in between

My love for you is infinite

But like jobs, and dogs and having to clean
Off track I often get

Is it to late to say I'm sorry ?
For becoming so easily distracted

Seemingly unappreciative
And often over reactive

Is it to late to say I'm sorry?
For wanting time to catch up

When all I have in front of me
Is all I ever Want
Victoria Jun 2016
Not knowing if you will choose me
after all the time you pursued me
when it's all said and done
I can not help but feel dumb

I thought we were going to be together forever
Raising a family of little ones together
That's what you said and you swore on OUR love
What else could I do but put faith in above

But here I am all over again
Empty and angry inside
Giving someone else the choice
Whether or not to put me aside
#relationship #lies #deceive #deceit #love #anger
Victoria Nov 2014
Lesson learned;

Don't, fall in love
Walk in ,head high, heart open and strong,  ready to let go of past hurt and able to move forward and grow up

Falling in love causes cuts and bruises
Tripping over the same mistakes
Tumbling into  similar situations

Although the cuts and bruises  heal
They hurt

Lesson learned
Victoria Oct 2014
I want what I don't have
and have what I don't want

I thought I had what I wanted
But that was just a haunt

A glimpse of what could have been
But was no more than appease

He was only what I made him
Not true,  that of a thieve

I speak not of just one
As they all  seem  quite the same

Tugging at my insecurities
Heart, left full of strain

I've given up so much of me
I don't know what is left

But I want, what i want, ******
so much I'm left bereft

I always thought I'd find 'the one'
The Ying to match my Yang

The one that would set my heart free
Relinquish  the tender pang

Yet all I get is heartbreak
With the exception of this one

But it is just a matter of time
Before he says he's finally done

I pick the ones that are temporary,
Believing I don't deserve

Helping them get on their feet
For that I'm good, and serve

But for me, I lie alone at night
Wishing to be loved

The Master of this game I play
Winner!! Winning none
Want desire haunt issues deep love not lost hopeless
Victoria Oct 2014
The impurity of my soul is what attracts the dredges  of the earth to me

The false,  the pretentious, the idle, the egotistical
They all hide behind a slight swagger and yet a frown of insecurity

They creep in with their words
and disappear leaving behind the sediment of their pungent contamination

But why me?

Am i only the company I keep?

Am I more than this delicate mystique?

Or do I hide behind the name sake  of succubus and lover in fear of what's underneath

I dare say may be to late for me
Victoria Oct 2014
But if love is what your truly after,
Stop giving in to the next disaster

False pretenses, smiles, promises and games
shall only taunt the heart in vein

Love , is open and honest and true
The love you seek, it starts with **you
Victoria Sep 2014
The actors of the heart
Are the players of this game we call  **love
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