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Àŧùl Sep 2016
She couldn't bear the distance with me,
And she could just not be strong.

For she is really young right now,
She has a whole new youth ascending.

I still have mine in my mind to keep,
I will do what I always used to do.

Whether she reads any of them or not,
For this is my release and it's unaffected.
I am not going to give up on my dreams with her.
She is free to live her life in any way she deems fit.
But I have my redefined principles of love in this second chance I have got upon life.

HP Poem #1151
©Atul Kaushal
Partially this
Partially that
Impartially speaking
I can feel the best weakening
Very little gaining ground
Looking to make myself proud
I occasionally speak too loud
And it always turn south to concentration
All my thoughts are easy into *******
So don't look down on me just yet
I'm trying to turn this decline into a wavering incline
I hope i have enough time
To meet the match, to be successful.

— The End —