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Poetress2 Apr 6
After the nightly news,
she faces the ***** wall;
She ***** her wrinkled thumb,
as she curls up in a ball.
She knows what's soon to come,
it happens every night;
When the nightly news is over,
this small child's full of fright.
And just like all the nights before,
they come into her room;
She has to reassure herself,
"This will all be over soon."
Her breathing becomes shallow,
"Perhaps they'll think I'm dead;"
"Your being such a good, little girl,"
is the only words they said.
Motionless she lays there,
as they touch her baby soft skin;
She feels overwhelmingly ill,
guilty and shamed from within.
When they are finished using her,
they leave without saying a word;
She shakes as she cradles her Teddy,
this precious three-year old girl.
Jme Love Jul 2018
Only i am to blame.I carry with me this heavy burden of self pity and shame.
I took time for granted always thinking I had enough.Wasting it,losing it,always in a rush.
Never did i realize what was passing me by.All those memories that should have been disappeared in the blink of an eye.
The time I wasted is no longer around.The time i lost can longer be found.
I sit and I dwell.My thoughts are proof im living in my own personal hell.
Only I am to blame.I wasnt there and everything changed.
I missed all those special moments in time.Now im sure im the furthest thing from your mind.
It breaks my heart.Please have no doubt it tears me up inside and out.
Only I am to blame.Im the one that left and nothing was ever the same.
I hope you know you are always on my mind.If time would allow I would surely press rewind.
Time was no friend to me you see.I took it for granted now its left me empty.
There is one thing tho that can not be taken by time.Its the bond between your heart and mine.
Please remember no matter how much time we lose,You will forever be a part of my heart and i will always love you.
mothers day 2018.a letter to my 3 children
Joshua Dougan Dec 2016
In introspect,
hindsights stumbling over intuition.
Guts hard as a rock.
Minds eye coupling with superstition.
Feeling lost, without a paddle, up the stream facing tomorrow.
Trading calls, seizing, coughing out a scream. Laced with a sorrow.
Silence escapes the harrowed moment.
a siren: opaque.
Privately shamed, a borrowed atonement and a giant mistake.
nabi 나비 Dec 2016
I'm done being shamed for being me
For not believing in god
For being a lesbian
For listening to the music that isn't popular
For being a female with short hair
For being curious
For being a feminist
For being myself
I'm not going to change myself to fit into your standards
I'm not going to change the way I think and learn
Because you think I ask too many questions and need to keep my nose outta things
I'm not going to change the way I believe
Because I cannot change that you will not make me
I'm not going to change the way I look because of you
Because I really enjoy the way I look
I'm not going to pretend to like what is popular and in trend
Because I don't want to have the exact same interests as everyone around me
I am not going to change myself because I'm happy with myself
Just because you are not confident in yourself, doesn't mean I can't be
I'm done trying to change to make everyone else happy
I'm not going to shamed for being me
I'm unique and no one change that
Everyday people all over the world are frowned upon for being themselves, and I want people to know that it is OKAY to be yourself.  You are amazing and no one else should make you feel that you should be any different.  I love you and keep being your amazing self.
Daina Jul 2015
Just please stop,
don't touch me.
*I'm done.
beautyshesmear May 2015
I am trying
my best
to hate you.

Because it is wrong.

It is against my nature.

is for absent beings
that have nothing better to do.

you have pushed me
a better judgement.

were the one that
to understand.

all you do is shame.

You have shamed
the art,
my craft.

For being useless,
and I have ignored
the blubbering blows
of your unwanted.

You have shamed
my character as

You have painted
that A
I must bleed from
named me with
the absence of humility
and I
accept it.

You say
what you spit
is truth.

what bubbles in your spat
makes my skin scream
and my soul curl.

Though that is all I seek!

say that it has hit
my face ******
from the weight of it's obviousness.

Im trying to believe you.

I pray The Hand
pulls his strings.

So, I can hang on to something.
Like I did
with your wide eyed words.

Im blind sir?

advice is the best mirror.

Have you looked into one?
I told my soul I'd never grow
To fall into such a trap.
That promise I did keep, I sleep
A restless, teary nap.
Now it builds inside me wildly
And creeps out from my cap
Tell me how this happened
How it happened to me...

I told my heart never to start
To show my skin again
To lock myself inside and hide
Behind an ever jolly grin.
Do not go, I know, I know
And do not let them in.
Tell me how this happened
How it happened to me...

I warned my mind to bind
My heart inside my chest
The criticizing eyes, their lies
I see better than the rest.
All too blind and so unkind,
I will not pass their test
Tell me how this happened
How this happened to me...

I must hide, for I have tried
To reveal my soul
Oh how battered, I was shattered
Dig a corpse sized hole.
I'm still the same, but out of shame
I burnt outside to coal.
Tell me how this happened
How this happened to me.
Skeleton in my closet
How I wish you were dead
Your memories gather
Dust in my head

Skeleton in my closet
I wish you were a ghost
To justify your haunting
How you press fear into my bones

Skeleton in my closet
Your insides are empty
Why must you pretend to be alive?
You're not fooling me, I know you're dead inside.

— The End —