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daphne Jan 1
oh, silly gardener
when will you concede?
azaleas will simply never grow
from mere old papaya seeds

you blame it on the soil
you blame it on the weather
now it's drowning in excess water
can't you see how much it suffers?

i know you love azaleas
but please just stop and ponder
what you sowed were papaya seeds
and they are too a wonder

it's not how you tried to prune them
or because of your undevotion
but what you sowed were papaya seeds
growing beautifully in your garden
Zack Ripley Sep 2020
Just because the world changes
Every day, hour, minute, and second,
Doesn't mean you have to.
But, then again,
Maybe that's exactly why you should.
Lara Apr 2020
They say to you just stay how you are
Don’t change you’re perfect how you are.

But I can’t promise that I won’t change.
Im a person I change.

If we say goodbye
Say I’m happy when I’m gonna see you again instead of saying stay how you are.

People change
But there can be a future with this person if you really connect.

But don’t expect anybody to always stay the same.

Change is good.
Allie Dotson Aug 2018
I was not born with fear
fear was put into me
I was not born with insecurities
society skewed my mind to believe In beauty

I'm was born free, curious and untrained from formal normalitys
why must an individual become
normal is varied
so why do we try to be alike
and we try to fit into a illusion that a society creates
a society that changes and grows
but how is so
people can't be different and unique
a double standarded we so apparently have to keep

we were born at different times and different hours
we are raised in different places and situations
do not let yourself be finalized by an acceptance
and become one of society's many prisoners
pressure might turn coal into a diamond
but for others it shall break them
Vitorio gash Jun 2016
I am not the person you want me to be.
I won't be the person you want me to be.
I don't try to be the person you want me to be.
I won't try to be the person you want me to be.
I am the person that I am.
I will be the person that I will be.
Don't try to change me.
I won't change.
I don't want to change
I am a bit drunk sorry for bad english but still this is so true
Sierra Brown Mar 2016
Scenery change is a must,
a change in pace,
a change in almost everything;
but you.
You're timeless,
You're the only thing I want to stay constant.
Elina Dawoodani Dec 2014
In the depth of our existence, the ‘real us’ dwells,
which often remains untouched, ofttimes unspelled.

Don’t empower the peeps to impose their thoughts,
Be the brainchild of your conviction and you’d be sought.

Books that ****** ideas and structure our notion,
Make us go astray from our real aspiration.

Don’t let the world dilute your soul;
You are a born sierra, not a trivial knoll!
-Elina Dawoodani

— The End —