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Elina Dawoodani Sep 2015
"I want to be the air around you- something for which you aren't liable,
So that I remain unnoticed forever, and yet most indispensable."

- Elina Dawoodani
Elina Dawoodani Jul 2015
"She's delicate, more than you perceive;
But her dynamism- so strong,
Though tender she might appear to be,
But for her man, she's his rock!
So warm is the soul she embodies,
That can light up a million lives.
Her thoughts are difficult to read,
A blend of feelings thrives!
She may quietly watch the happenings,
and might talk to her own self all day.
She may speak a hundred words to you,
But the ocean that flows within her, there it stays.
You'll love her for her warmth,
But the depth of affection- you have no clue;
Her profoundness reaches infinities.
She's a woman you'll never know, you never knew!"

-Elina Dawoodani
Elina Dawoodani Mar 2015
When the ones you loved leave you alone,
When dreams are shattered and in pieces you are broke
When days are dark and nights never end,
When a foe you find in every other friend;
In worst of times, there's a hope that lasts..
Keep faith in God, this too shall pass!

When critics are pulling you down in the pit,
When your goal is blurred and you feel you should quit;
When you lose the grip of the rope you held,
and success may seem impossible to spell,
Look for the future, what's past is past..
Don't worry for today, this too shall pass!!
Elina Dawoodani Dec 2014
In the depth of our existence, the ‘real us’ dwells,
which often remains untouched, ofttimes unspelled.

Don’t empower the peeps to impose their thoughts,
Be the brainchild of your conviction and you’d be sought.

Books that ****** ideas and structure our notion,
Make us go astray from our real aspiration.

Don’t let the world dilute your soul;
You are a born sierra, not a trivial knoll!
-Elina Dawoodani
Elina Dawoodani Jun 2014
A nap on mom's lap that gives immense peace,
a glimpse of her face takes all the grief,
and in an instant all worries sign away,
We need simple things for a happy day!

A sly little grin after a deadly frown,
a strengthening smile when broken down,
a friend at the garret to guide your way,
We need simple things for a happy day!

A gesture of care and comforting words,
those giggles and laughs till your stomach hurts,
a promise of amour till hair turn gray,
we need simple things for a happy day!

A cup of coffee on a rainy night,
a stroll on beach with hands held tight,
together you eat and together you pray,
That's all you need for a happy day!
Elina Dawoodani Apr 2014
We all are blessed with immense power,
In this garden of world we bloom like a flower.
We think that life is to live and to die,
But truth is that we all are meant to fly!

So unleash yourself and discover the real you,
place yourself above the average crew.
Nothing is impossible if you really try..
Ask those who dream, they touch the sky!!

Dreaming is the element that adds the zing,
There is surely some magic in thinking big!!

My Master told this, once long ago,
It made me ponder, gave me a blow..
"Don't think you're too small in this world huge,
There is a whole universe that exists in you!!"
- Elina Dawoodani
Elina Dawoodani Apr 2014
Don't be lost in cloudy thoughts. Mused in darkness.
Radiate your light.
You are heavenly. Seraphic.
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