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Sep 2018
I have the shakes.
How can I keep things straight?
There something important I must do.
How can I deal with it when I am stuck on you?

There are many ways to die.
I could end up where the shadows lie.
Waiting and asking “will I not die?”.
Another drink and I am closer to asking why.

Air is swirling around me.
Taking in all sounds around me.
Can I do the unexpected?
Then again, will I end up resurrected?

Will I end up subjected?
In a world so unaffected.
Can I do something I only dreamed?
In a world so dangerous, it would seem.

Will I end up causing too much strife?
Then again will I end my life?
Your dreams are more important it would seem.
I will try to have more self esteem.

Can I do the unseen?
In a world where we are chasing our dream.
Will I end up subjected?
In a world so unaffected.

Our dreams shape us.
So, unaffected they will not make us.
We are sharing our dreams.
In a world where nothing is what it seems.
Written by
Eric Babsy  40/M/NC
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