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Eric Babsy Sep 2018
I have the shakes.
How can I keep things straight?
There something important I must do.
How can I deal with it when I am stuck on you?

There are many ways to die.
I could end up where the shadows lie.
Waiting and asking “will I not die?”.
Another drink and I am closer to asking why.

Air is swirling around me.
Taking in all sounds around me.
Can I do the unexpected?
Then again, will I end up resurrected?

Will I end up subjected?
In a world so unaffected.
Can I do something I only dreamed?
In a world so dangerous, it would seem.

Will I end up causing too much strife?
Then again will I end my life?
Your dreams are more important it would seem.
I will try to have more self esteem.

Can I do the unseen?
In a world where we are chasing our dream.
Will I end up subjected?
In a world so unaffected.

Our dreams shape us.
So, unaffected they will not make us.
We are sharing our dreams.
In a world where nothing is what it seems.
At times I listen and hope for something new
At times I dream of the skies glistening and I'm thinking
And when i think, my consciousness goes wild with possibilities and fantasies
Some I wish so much can be true
But none of which will ever be when I'm with you
You're a constriction, you hold me back
Oh the possibilities and experiences that I lack
I would be much different, more spirited, and able to crack
To be able to crack from a constraint holding me back, to crack from a shell that has constantly been the persona I take and a constraint of what I'm supposed to do or who I'm supposed to be, but the constraint makes reality feel like hell
To be expected to have to do whatever and follow expectations at a ring of a bell, I am not my own person because I lack the decision to decide
I'm along for someone else's ride and I can do nothing but abide and let the constraints take over and hide
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
Plans are subjected to change
Ways of doing and getting things done change
The world is a fast changing place
A strong resolve that something certain will get worked out keeps everything in the present in it's proper shape.

Everything will be in it's place
Everything will get worked out while in present with regards to an uncertain future
Everything in present will find it's way in the right direction,
if intentions are in place,
only if they don't change while in present for short term gains, which cannot be termed as a secured future.

— The End —