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maggie W Apr 7
On that night of Mumford&Son's concert
You pulled me closer

I heard the thudding, the background music or from the crowds.

Now you're back to Montreal,
I can still hear the thudding, coming from the dark, the solitude of myself
Or just my heart

You're 7467 miles away but the thudding is getting louder
Clear as day, I hear the drum and my heart

Distance is closed. You close the gap.
heart, you, distance, close, gap, concert, solitude
maggie W Mar 11
Will you be my Canadian boi
I wanna watch you play hockey
   And leave you a hickey

This is not the land of the free
If I don’t have you here with me

His subtle French accent
Makes me wanna
  Taste his bacon

He makes me wanna frolicking
In the maple leaves and
Wear my heart again on the sleeves

He calls like he says he will
He texts me when he gets home
He holds me on his shoulder at the Mumford&Sons concert

Am I a teenager?only a decade older
But I guess the best kind of relationship is the one

That makes you feel like a girl, with the maturity of a 48 year old

Maxime je suppose que je tombe amoureux de toi

Oui oui oui oui oh la la
He practices all these “Canadian Stuff” so don’t blame me on mentioning all these stereotypes lol(and fake French)
maggie W Jun 2019
When I am with you I don't wanna talk about politics.
I wanna talk about the universe within me.

Something that's bigger than us, something also selfish.
With you i'm selfish, you brought out the best and worst in me.

I wanna talk about the things with immediacy
philosophy, literature and poetry.

I used to love to discuss politics, the
collision between different ideologies.

But now i just want to know everything,
Everything about you, your nerves, your cells,
Is a whole new world to me.

Read me the love song of J.Alfred Prufrock
Let us go then, you and I
To the nearest park and blend me in.
maggie W Mar 2019
Dear, I'm writing at my desk.

Suddenly I smell the air of fragrance.
It's cherry blossom in D.C. by the Tidal Basin.
It's the lingering coldness in early March.
Remnant snow

The glimpse of sunset
on the D.C. bound train
Purple and Red
We're holding hands.

Smell of fresh grass near Farragut West
People watching and lunch with my friend
People in suits as they hustle here and there

I wish to be one of them. Now I am but I'm also away.

Orange and Yellow
Leaves Twirl

White and Blue
Frosty snow
I love you, but I gotta go.
maggie W Feb 2019
It almost feels like summer,
breeze at the dusk, killing mosquitoes.
It feels like
Taking a stroll on National Mall,
On a summer night in front of Lincoln Memorial.
Playing Frisbee riding bike
On the meadow in front of the Capitol.

My summer in the capital
With you, him and her and them and myself alone

It feels like the humidity in the swamp, with jazz playing in the background
It smells like crab cake and french toast, out from the diners I frequent
It looks like the summer sky, cloudless, your eyes

The meadow the ducks, summer dress and birkenstock.
Brunch, breeze and bike, followed by more bike rides along the riverfront.

Sitting on the marble stairs of the Supreme Court
Dipping toes in Reflection Pool

Summer in D.C. oh how I much do I miss you and adore
Summer is a state of mind and so does love
But you never fail to give me the feelings of those above.xxoo
love letter to dc, ode to summer
maggie W Jan 2019
In front of the Union Station on a cold December day,
were us sitting.

Watching people come and go, fallen leaves turn and twirl, travelers and tourists rushing along

We were having Potbelly sandwich, meatballs and chips
and it was only 40F degree.

You and me, with a homeless man on the fountain stairs
quietly eating

Winter sun was shinning , a warm 40F degree day for me

Winter in Washington, D.C.
Oh it was never too cold for me

Because I had you
Sharing chips with me.
winter Washington dc union station chips
maggie W Dec 2018
I don't wanna kiss you under the mistletoe
Cause I only know you for two months and you're a Jewish boy,

I like talking to you about things, ABCDEFG
I'm not as complicated as you think
Nor is affection or feelings as you claimed it to be

Talk to me just like you're singing one two three
Politics, trade wars and tariffs
Don't talk to me about numbers or statistics
I only wanna get lost in your water blue eyes as you speak

No, I won't interrupt you this time
I will let you speak
Take off your blazer and ties
I will make you some veggie dish

Don't talk to me about Hanukkah, figures and power point slides
Why don't you push all the writings aside
I'll light your Menorah and make you mine
Take off my dress and get naughty not nice

Talk to me about the things I wanna hear
Things that's as easy as ABC
One two three
Shanah Tovah/Hallelujah
Kiss me till it stings
Hey Ross I wanna make out with you again
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