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Sam Luna Sep 2019
How wonderful Death is
He receives all those we lost
without force, without bribery

How I wish I could be Death
For all those I love long for him
People of all ages look for him

How does Death feel?
If all the sorrow are thrown onto him?
If all the broken dreams are dumped in front of him?

But oh!
Above everything said,
I wish I was Death!
So I can have you completely
Every time you wish to die.
Sam Luna Jan 2016
Your brain
wants you
to believe
but your
heart doesn't.
Sam Luna Nov 2015
I think I know why
You're so jealous
I think I know why
You're thinking I still love him

Your thoughts
Are a reflection
Of you heart

You get jealous
Because you are still in love
With your past
But it has locked its doors
And you cannot enter

And so you think
That maybe, maybe
I, too,
Am knocking
On my past's doors.

But I was the one to lock the doors
I can't see why you get jealous
When in all truthfulness,
I don't love him anymore

But maybe, maybe,
Maybe you're the one still knocking
On your past's door.
I killed and buried my past a long time ago. Have you?
Sam Luna Oct 2015
You're the sunshine that peaks through my curtains in the morning
The sound of the birds chirping on my windowpane
The first cold breeze I feel after a long run

You're the star that never leaves the night sky
The sound of the leaves in the wind
The silhouette of the trees at night

You're the voice I want to hear last
The face I want to see in my dreams
The hand I want to hold in my sleep

You're the beauty in every imperfection
The flaw in every decision
The balance in good and bad

You're everything I've ever asked for. ❤️
Sam Luna Sep 2015
You push my nightmares away
Then change my dreams to reality.
Sam Luna Sep 2015
You could be out with friends when you said you were watching TV
You could be drinking beer when you said you bought a bottled water
You could be out with girls when you said you were staying in just so you could talk to me
You could be doing so many other things and I wouldn't know a single thing
I wouldn't know if it were true or if it were a lie
I wouldn't know if your 'I love yous' meant something
I wouldn't know anything because everything is virtually said and done
Sam Luna Aug 2015
Is this possible?
I'm falling for someone I barely know.
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