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Juni Notte Apr 2018
Like roses, I’m red
I don’t want to be trapped in the dirt anymore
Even if it claws at my heart and kills me
Even if every night is a sleepless one
I’ll cut this necklace of thorned roses

Like violets, I’m blue
Struggling for a voice in this silent world
Yearning for a face to bloom and blossom
I’m waltzing in the melancholy wind with my dress of soft petals
Plucked violets wilting in my hair as I plant the past to grow the future

Weeds sleeping at my feet
I need help cutting them away so I can do more than just breathe
Juni Notte Apr 2018
this shell is useless
with scars and cuts and stretchmarks and spots
i'm a hopeless mosaic
pieces from different places
marks from different memories
yet my soul is glowing, one with my heart
this body is useless
welcome to my museum
i am useless art
Juni Notte Apr 2018
humans are made of neither stuff from heaven or earth

what is stopping these humans from being what they want

we are limitless yet have self-imposed limits

we are our own downfall

yet still make ourselves rise
Juni Notte Mar 2018
They keep clawing
Sinking their claws into the cold and dry dirt of their graves
Hissing and seething with mourning
They touch my feet yet I kick them away
I do not know if I can keep them at bay
At night, I feel them tugging at my legs
Licking my calves and gently gnawing on my legs
Their claws tickle my legs and keep me awake at night
They whisper that they only wish to lick my tears away
But I know better
I know what they do to my mind at night
When I let them hold me in their miserable arms
When I let them lick my tears and leave burning trails
I know what it's like to cry myself to sleep at night
Juni Notte Mar 2018
everyday the glass mirror

gets tougher to watch
Juni Notte Feb 2018
i've always been where the sun don't shine
where people give up
where there ain't no hope
what i crave is already mine
my tears won't show
my heart has been broke
i've lost my remorse
i hate myself but it won't show
i'm just trapped in a changing maze
Juni Notte Feb 2018
tough girl with a crying heart
with sharp edges that turn soft when around you
you've got me changing, baby
i ain't never the same when i'm with you
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