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Jenny Ochoa Jul 8
I found out I was expecting...
I wasn't sure how to feel...
At first it was a bit concerning....
and then it felt extremely surreal...

I found out I was expecting....
I was later filled with pure joy....
for I knew soon I'd hear a little heart pitter pattering....
and then pondered at the question, little girl or little boy?.....

I found out I was expecting...…
Our hearts were made complete....
Seeing our little jelly bean quickly growing....
and waiting anxiously for December so we can finally meet!....
Ylzm Jan 23
Israel foreshadowed in Egypt
Untouched by the Plaques
Passed over by the Destroyer
Egypt broken and bowed
With strangers, Israel walked free
Handsomely ransomed, a nation is born
So shall Israel again be in the Tribulation
As light for sight and salt to taste
And again with strangers
In haste and with bitterness
Come out of the World
Raptured as the First born of God
JE Osun May 2019
God has always come
Back a woman.
Long before
there was a Jesus,
Eve stood in a Garden
And tried to correct
Her brother's sin;
She was Lilith then.

She packed her bags,
And strolled off  to
the mountains to be
with whomever she
So chose; She left
God and Adam to
Figure it out:
The lie the would tell;
The creature they would
The clothes.

Yes, God has come
Back multiple times,
And in multiple screaming,
Female  forms..
She came back as
All the Dahomey
Women, The Amazons,
Salem Witches, Big Mommas
And midwives.
God has. Had an endless
Universe of

She even came back a
a little Jewish girl;
Stowed away in an attic
During the Holocaust.
In India she came as
Phulan.  In Africa
She came as Winnie,
In Argentina, Chadron.
While men may name
their legends, myths
and fables, just as
Adam did.

God has.never.had
Names and titles
In mind;
  Every time a girl
takes a breath she is
reborn, she is there
Carrying revolutions
In her silences and
eternity in her hair.

She will come back
A fire next time.
Khadro Jama Apr 2017
Dear Sakura,
I'm alive in this world without you
I am here living and breathing
I've hit rock bottom again
My sweet child
I've never thought
That without you my life's incomplete
Love is just a dream
Feelings are an illusion
My sweet child I should never let you go
I cried for 90 days and night
Wishing upon my death
Living with this regret
I also promised you the first night
The pain I feel won't be the last
I believe I'm ment to suffer.
I am lost
I'm alive nor dead
I've never forgotten.
That I day I've lost so much blood.
It's been 4 years..
In 9months Ill say goodbye again
right beside your grave.
To tell you about life,
Hoping you can hear mommy voice.
I tried marriage
That's ending now..
He cheated and betrayed me.
Then life has spiraled under control
Without you,
marriage was an empty vow.
This is how my life's been without you.
Filled with darkness since that day,
I said goodbye when I wasn't ready.
I guess we were living together. You were banging on the bathroom door asking me what was wrong. I was holding a pregnancy test. It was positive. You came into the bathroom and took it from me and saw it. You backed up into the wall and slid to the floor. You were angry and sad. You told me to get out of your face.

You came into the room and threw me to the bed. You held my arms down. You choked me till my eyes rolled to the back of my head. You called me a ****. A *****. A *****. You beat me till you couldn't anymore. You say at the edge of the bed. Your head buried in your hands. You stood up and took my hand. Pulled me to the car and drove. The hospital smelled like aspirin. You told the doctor what was "wrong" with me. Two hours later I woke up in a coma. My stomach stitched up. The bed drenched in blood. You could have told me you didn't want a baby. It was a boy. He was almost three months. He could have lived. You should have told me. You didn't want a future.
This was my scary dream this Halloween.
Renmar Sep 2014
Sitting here watching you
Wondering if your dreams are
Knowing you'll always be mommies
**baby boy
Yasmine Dennis May 2014
Never knew love until I gave birth
The love from a mother to a child, vice versa
How can you deny a face so sweet?
Just to think, we once shared a heartbeat
How could I just give up on you?
You're my motivation, you're presence fuels me
Colic and terrible two's...***** training and I love you's
Who could deny a face so sweet?
Seem like yesterday, April 13th...A face I couldn't wait to meet
I never want to fail you or steer you wrong
But how do I explain why your daddy's gone?
Why deny a face so sweet?
There's so much love I'm wanting to give
Teach you the necessary lessons to live
From day one I've been by your side
Held your hand through low and high tide
Am I capable of showing you "double love"
Granted, there's no limit to my love for you
But I can't love you like a father should do
He deny a face so sweet...
So special, one of a kind
Missing out on all the great times
You deserve so much more, a full time father not a boy who comes then snatches your joy
A horrible cycle I put you in
Mommy is sorry to call him your kin
Never will I deny your face so sweet
I am your protector until the end
My love for you I'll always send...
May not be from your dad but I'll try
A face so sweet, you have my heart until I die

— The End —