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Remember it’s temporary
embrace the beauty
find the fabulous.
Inspired by ‘Instructions for living a life’ by Mary Oliver.
Jade Wright Feb 18
The first time you spoke, I got straight in the bath to
hide in its lucid duvet.
Your clarity was too much for me,
why could I never be so level-headed?

From then, I was in awe of you
so wise
so humble,
my little girl.

You loved coming to the woods
to collect pine cones with me.
I wanted to create a new oxygen system
of dreams and opportunities.
You liked to help me pick them up,
study the bumps with your gummy tongue.

Your mouth full of earth,
jewels I couldn’t see
you said: ‘I think you’re the most beautiful Mummy in the world.’

My face shined,
your tail danced.
I rewarded you with belly rubs.
Jade Wright Feb 16
I collect pebbles on the beach and form a heart
to honour you.
I don’t know who we would be in years to come,
but there are some things I’m sure of:
we’d read stories together, not just before bed
but at any time we chose. We’d get muddy in the woods
and hunt treasure; leaves, conkers, and all the other
magical things the world saves for little people.
Your artwork would adorn every surface.

I walk through the park and smile in the rain,
picturing your wellies plunge
into small pools of sky. I
Sometimes, when I’m sad I remember you’re soaring
and everyone down here is only temporary.
Grief bloats my tummy in place of your growth,
and I’m homesick for a life I never had.  

You would have been so loved, if I’d known you were there.
Jade Wright Jan 26
Remember summer?
They let us touch each other,
each moment mattered
skin simmered, we stroked freedom.
When autumn arrived, they laughed.
Jade Wright Jan 16
Flutter, flurry, fall
Flip my road a winter globe
Paint bare trees pretty.

But I won’t be cartwheeling,
I’d only fall on my ****.
Jade Wright Dec 2020
Work? Still permitted.
If you’re still employed, that is.
Your windows are grey?
Just paint another rainbow.
Clap again if you fancy
Jade Wright Dec 2020
Hello Tier thirteen
Keep your cages nice and clean
Purse your lips and nod.
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