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Luiz 4d
Here again
I have parented all these romantic words
and put them in a gorgeous sequence for the stranger
but she continues estranged

Strange isn't it?
Having all my little words free range without a ranger
to give them a home range.

For now
They continue free ranged and the ranges don't change
I feel angst and angers me so much!
If was a wolf handling these feral words, you'd see my fangs
dangling with saliva in anticipation of eating them!

Other times
I just want to strangle myself.
Hang like a hanger hanging in the closet.
There are no other angles but me mangled if she doesn't show.

For stranger angels are very rare and strange, indeed.
This divinity and I will tangle in our paths I hope.

But for now
I'm hanging
strangled by the strange strangler stranger angel.
Luiz 5d
Both hands down!, I use this hand right, (lifting left) to write my writes right!, rightly writing while riding a truck and screaming "that was a right, not left! stop writing while riding, oh! ****, left left, right wasn't right, but left was right!" both hands are used right, but not the right hand to write, handing you, hands down! the greatest left handed written right writes while riding with hands left and right. In other right words, I write left handed right writes while riding a truck right executing left or right turns (pen AND truck).

I write


I am!

© 2020 Luiz (lefty) Syphre
Luiz Jan 15
I sail port to port
there is no permanent door
in my sea of hopes
Luiz Jan 8
I open my eyes
and see you

I close my eyes
and see you more
Luiz Jan 5
I close my eyes and imagine
what you're thinking

Illusions that you may see me
as you're dreaming

so, I float to your thoughts in slumber
with my feelings

I see you with him and again
I wake up screaming!
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