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uselace 7d
dear _,
you are my stars
i can only hope
that eventually i will be yours
uselace Jun 18
like a lion,
is hidden
lying in wait
until the right moment,
when it jumps out
drags you away
swallows you whole
to never be seen
uselace May 14
"those look lateral,
like they were intentional."
she kept talking,
but i was mostly focused
on blocking out the tears
yes, my parents know,
and yes, i can talk to my friends
i'm fine, i say
yet as soon as she leaves
i break down
the walls crash
and tears flow
i am definitely not fine
but i don't know how
or why
so how could i tell her that?
will i ever be okay?
uselace May 7
birthdays are weird,
because just a year ago
i thought there was no way
i would make it here alive

birthdays are weird
because they remind me i am still here,
which is somehow
both good and bad

birthdays are weird
for indiscernible reasons
but what i used to enjoy
i now drift silently through

like most of my life,
are weird.
today's my birthday. i don't know if i'm happy or sad or tired or depressed at this point,
uselace Apr 25
colors blend together
beautiful and inseparable
an unbreakable community,
forged through years
of sorrow and hardship
but also joy and triumph
flags wave as colors fill streets
pride radiating throughout
we are here,
and we are queer.
uselace Apr 8
I flew past city lights
That looked like stars
In an impossible constellation
And i thought
The world we've built for ourselves
Is beautiful,
And endless
Our own tiny universe.
I love flying at night.
uselace Mar 23
a year's worth of scarring
adorns my thigh,
lying there
a constant reminder
but they are also
a year's worth of happiness,
of friends,
of recovery,
of love.
they are from the year
that i wanted to die,
but now
they represent
another year
i have lived.
january was the anniversary of my depression diagnosis.
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