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Nathalie Jun 29
Golden opportunities in our lives are the ones that usually come without warning.  They poke from behind the unexpected and greet us with surprises. When we are open to receiving these offerings by surrendering our thoughts about their arrival; embracing trust and letting go of trying to control or manipulate the outcomes, we move in a state of witnessing the miracles that are meant to manifest from this divine timing… the unfolding begins.

Hunter Apr 9
A new season is flowing, and the grass is growing
A new day will rise, and the pain we feel dies
A new trip is upon, and we will leave at dawn
Logan Oct 2018
My girl.

You are in the midst
of goddesses
upon a pedestal.

Chiseled stone holds
you firm atop
it's foundation.

Yet, we mere mortals
must hold committed
to the hands of time.

We damaged each other.

My guilt, your guilt
keep me slavishly
tied to my goddess.

You are on a pedestal.
Love blossoms and love ends. Sometimes it's not so easy to move on when emotions are strong.
JC Mar 2018
I had thought about death on many occasions
To end all frustrations
A simple step it's all it'll take to transcend
Oh it's time to ascend
Time for me to amend for all my sins
I guess this is where it again begins
Rollercoaster of emotions always starts the the worst times
Karisa Brown Feb 2018
Up a mountain
Restrain from pain
Color me a picture
Lay down with me

Sweet child
You misunderstood me
I am not you
I am your enemy

Take me, im not easily bruised
Misplace me
I'll be found when
I'm lost again

Empty me while
Letting go of listening
Find me
Let go

Throw in the trash

Keep me
I'm yours
Again and again
Till this
Light gets sore
Karisa Brown Oct 2017
Colors begin
To obscure
My diluted
Avatar vision

Soon I Will
What I was fussing
Over in the
First place
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
Relationship after relationships
begins and ends quite often..
Each are are superbly selected
not by money or humor or any other thing
except the mystery they hold..
I am a curious lover,
I seek mystery in each of them
until one leaves,
I seek for the same substitute all over again!
Love is curiosity and mystery for me.. I love to find my way or be completely lost in a puzzle of love each & every time.
Arcassin B Sep 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

Never shy from the drama but I'd rather take the new pacifist
Guts and glory , not sorry for all the things that you've lost
When you deal without,
I'm so stuck up with changing people's point of views , it's a waste
Even in itself,
I got no room for people in the past that brought me hatred , you
Get no help,

             So tell me what's on your mind right now,
             Do you wanna run from home,
             You wanna be on your own,
             Escaping through warzones,
             Your dad left you alone,
             Is your pedestal so high for life to move on,
             So your thinking now that you're really fit for the throne,
             If anything....
I've recollected the bad memories and learned from everything I've
Been through,
There's no freedom , no courtesy and no light , every man wanna be
The best dude,
Saying what's on mind cause the fight will begin like the preparation
Of life,
I was lost but God found me in a sea of sins , time to make it right.
Peter Kiggin Sep 2016
Peace cannot be described.

I am floating on a lake
While flowers surround me
My head is lucid give or take
Touching nature and living to just be
I'm enclosed all around by black and grey mountains that start to suffocate
All the people walking around noises distract inside I don't want company
Then I go beneath the water and all is calm nothing can implicate
I see a light deep down in the water so I swam towards feeling ever so free
Now I'm too deep to reach the air I need to breathe but somehow I don't need or want or wake to ever see the flowers that surrounded me on the lake
I am with the people I can understand and every day we hold hands and sing happy songs and play silly games underneath the lake to which I am glad I came strangely.
Peace, within outside
Evna-Luna Jul 2016
Night falls through a brooding glass
Owls carries the fear of the day through an eerie sight
Moon shines on and consoles the forgotten souls
A Wolf howls from a Fearful hill
The night takes its form and structure
Ends and a new day begins

A child is born and cries, he begins to die as each day fades
Setting sun fades into*  COSMIC DEPTHS  to rise again
Sky turns from grey to silver, then black, then silver again
DNA encodes within a man to start another clone of his Father
Heart beats over and over again
Yet the heart gets the smallest amount of blood
All these
Ends and a new life begins

Birds tweet away the night's sorrow at dawn
Rain cascades and falls on Earth's landscape, as it romances the air and kiss the window pane
Families on sundays visit St Patrick's Cathedral and pray to God
As they did four years ago and still do concurrently
Women go naked to feed their damaged ego
The little children watch them on TV and go with the pace
Evil Fathers behind close doors
Romance their little daughters
And shut their mouth by threatening them with the knife
While Mothers pray and intercedes for the world on bended knees
While the moon hides and shy away from earth's darkness
While no

All these too ends and begins in a never ending stream of continuity as long as we have breath




Inspired by the Poetess Fay Slim's Poem's title  BEGINS AND ENDS

— The End —