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Does it feel like nothing?
The underdog from cream of the crop
To the basis of the loser
Open your eyes
The crops will grow and sell
Under the dog is the dirt
The foundation
The giver
Prop the desired in essence
And give life to life of desirability
The source of what we want
Is the loss we give no credit
Tell me another
Love like simple infection
Tempted with tales of happiness
And told like stories of deception
I have met someone new
And answer to the unsolved equation
Do they make me feel loved?
Deceived, I love like the abandoned one
Are they me?
Are they happy?
Are they human?
Are they loved?
Is it punishment
To serve or to die
Hide from the reality
In house we built to make us cry
How expendable
The mind
The heart
The soul
Held trapped in bones
Standing anatomy
And nameless to educate
The valuable
I am creator
To definition
My skill
My impact
Unbeknownst premonition
Subject to creativity
To a single lost member of empathy
Spell it out to bold
"My words of wisdom have grown old"
But hide it in cryptic chat
"Art of being beyond those of that."

Ward of insanity
Dictionary of clarity
My word is tied to apothecary
The magic of old and legend
A title left to those of behead
Another ninety turn, I shall be crass
"My poetry skills are ***."
The telescope of an overseer
What I wouldn't give to be her
The one with eyes and power
Define my life of words with cower
How can I be the poet
If she dare let me show it?
Artisan of the Goddess
The lady who bare this mess
The man who make this planet
And the Jester be I, who is all but candid
Ever be in love
But not know Who?
Kindness in heart
Mistaken for what to do
Do good for who your heart belong to
In mystery, do good for all who could be Who
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