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Christmas alone?
I know what time of year it is, I just wanted to be here for you
Someone who could use it
A gift under their tree
Long rotting and wilted away
Sometimes a message needs to be ******* and left under the wrapping
Santa won't bring it
This gift can come every year if it needs to
Merry Christmas, blockhead
You can hate the spirit all you want
But others will bring the spirit with them wherever they go
It weighs heavy
My knapsack titled Burden
Carried on my back
For my mind has grown fatigued
Push down on my spine and ******* me
On my hands and knees
Others see a man stand tall
No bag of stress nearby
Hidden in the metaphor
Tied loose in this bag
Is the pressure of living
And the stress of dying
A word of power
Literature's mightiest pull
On the strings of empathy
And a lash at the social

The bared meaning to wrought useless
Used by many who do not understand
A missing experience
The value of loneliness is down

Investments are made shy
As being Alone carries no more meaning
My pockets are empty
And so is my heart
Make it rhyme
Tell a story
Endowed with time
Something gory
Just raw emotion
Your seldom place
Show off the commotion
Tell us what you erase
You have a secret you keep hidden
It lies in your words
My literature is smitten
Served up like hors d'oeuvres
The next edition comes weekly
I have been discontinued
My simple followers seek me
The words are off the menu
All I do is scream
Let's change that.

Tell the world I'm alive
To sing a tune of revitalization
The voice of a harlot
The muse of a siren
My song is realization
A beat of complication
With the heart of mediation
My justified simplification
My new song is the spirit of fun
With the shine of a sun
I'm ready to sing

I'm the voice of number one.
I am mistake
I am word
The laws I live by are more than absurd
To break my heart
And live by the course
Is to tread tired ground
And call my feelings rehearsed
I've been here before
The bored lover's interest
Feelings I feel for you
Are those of the separatist
My heart is forsaken
And my love is all but robbed
Swipe right and tell me you're taken
I'll do nothing but sob
My social EMP
A goodnight to thee
Shutdown my thinking
And let the misery be
Scared of the answer
And blind it with a bottle
To know what she thinks
I hold it and cuddle
The sour desperation of fear from her
And desire to know from me
She hides to pain to show
What I'm afraid of is me
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