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Like how the soil wishes for rainfall during summer;
I miss you.
Like the trees wishing for sunshine during winter;
I miss you.
What else is there to say? I'm just so into you.
Perhaps someday, somewhere, around this earth or across the galaxies I'll find another you—
That loves me as much as I love you.
James Heinrich May 2019
When I create poetry
it may not be your cup of tea
nor a great form of artistry
But it'll never be empty
as my words will always have
fragments of me
James Heinrich May 2019
You're the only one I'm afraid to risk
not because you're worth less than those I do
but because you're worth more
than I even compare myself to
James Heinrich May 2019
If my life's an art
I draw the scenery
You give them colors
James Heinrich May 2019
My teacher
My mentor
My bestfriend
My life coach
Without you there would be no me
Thank you for being my everything
I wish you the best this world can possibly offer
I love you so much
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day ~
James Heinrich May 2019
It's been a month since I last saw you
How long will this last?
I miss your bright smile
I miss your angelic voice
I miss your aesthetic eyes
I miss everything
I miss you
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