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Maziar Ghaderi Dec 2018
Yes yes, my white friends.
Tear each other apart.
It’s what I want you to do.
It’s your civic duty.
Turn on each other until there is nothing left.
But a gaping hole, lubed and groomed for *******.
It’s not **** if you let me.
If you beat him, I’ll make you my house *****.
Oh, you didn’t hear what they said about you, man?
You cuck libtard.
You **** hick.
Starbucks vs. Tim Hortons.
Yet I own both.
My white friends.


- The Foreigner
Maziar Ghaderi Feb 2018
I got alotta things I want to say
so when you got nothing better
than to hear me mumble
the usual suspects,
the whole ensemble
I’ll be the one in leather
the one that was just across the hallway
at that office on main street
you used to temp at, ‘member?
in summer ’06
or was it fall of ’09?
it doesn’t matter
the whole cast is here, yup
each is reborn when i tell a tale of theirs
but only if you insist
that I got alotta things to say
and that i want to.
Maziar Ghaderi Sep 2016
I poem if I could
I’ll write it
A stone made of wood
I’ll bite it

The highs and lows
Survive on your toes
Means letting go
I know it

Left cold
Let in
Letter by letter
I wrote it
Maziar Ghaderi Sep 2016
A faint train blows
Sliding along the Earth's shore

Your pillow rustles against your head
The noise competes
With that distant blurrly breath
Don't let

Because just when you lay still
And leak into slumber

You'll forget its existence
You'll hear the faint train blow
You'll remember then
Maziar Ghaderi Sep 2016
my indifference means
a lack of something
of something good

of a girl
of a friend
of a song
a moment, a meal, a memory

if they asked me how I feel
that's what I would say

but they didn't ask
because they aren't here

that's my indifference
Maziar Ghaderi Sep 2016
Imagine this,
Imagine the windows that I have made
The souls that I have traced
For I wouldn’t exist
If you don’t…
See the world that I have faced

I hope you’re still there…
On the other side of this page
Can’t you see?
There is nothing that I have made
If you turn the other way…

Imagine now…
My heart is spilled on this page
All is futile if you escape
My tears on the pillow case

Look into the eyes
Of the soul which you have read
For I am exposed
And of that I will never regret
And I wish that you will never forget

My last wish…
Maziar Ghaderi Sep 2016
Ive been waiting for this rain for days now...
It came down,
Like electricity overhead, the city
Felt magneticly wet to the stem.

Im sitting at the kitchen table with some coffee & bread
Just wrote an email to an old friend that read:
Dear: You, Words. Love: Me.....thats it.
If not tonight, **** read it in the morning
**** smile, send similar words before he forgets.

Im a random thought for others,
A praise, a blame, a kiss, a handshake
Whichever the case...
Ive always been here for the whole thing.
From the first steps, to playgrounds and graduations
to speakers that play sounds, then exclaimations
From a clenched wheel on a rainy road
To a stenciled feel from a nameless terminal
To dressy shoes, held-back hair in front of strangers,
Yet I had objectives, so I spoke like Ive known them for years
I left a good impression I think, for I never once let them blink.

I closed the door behind me, followed that feel, for I was starving
I walked past living rooms flooded with remote light, toys and noise
I went to the kitchen table, spread out my words into poetry and prose
My records on this day that the rains came....
Just another day....
Where I was there for the whole thing....

— The End —