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Maziar Ghaderi Aug 2020
I Wrote It

I poem if I could
I’ll write it
A stone made of wood
I’ll bite it

The highs and lows
Survive on your toes
Means letting go
I know it

Left cold
Let in
Letter by letter
I wrote it
Maziar Ghaderi Jul 2020
When the earth fully opens
Thick air free range loitering
Shades of brown and grey ossilate in the corner of my eye
The ceiling fan above my resting head
Street lights fight the nights sky so we don't have to
As we stay nested in ,
When everything opens
In August
Maziar Ghaderi May 2019
I was on the plateau when it happen.

I always hated going under it in the middle of the day. It felt like a mirror; a reflected isomer — too still and too sad to be near. Shadows give that same feeling, but with blurred corners feeling slightly farther away.

I prefer going under the bridge at night. Cooler, like sunglasses that you don’t have to put on. The night as a way of saying, “It’s not up to you what you get to see now. I decide what’s important for you. Which is absolutely nothing”.
Maziar Ghaderi May 2019
I went back to the places once traveled through years ago
they smiled when they saw me
thats a good start

today i turn 36 years old here  
i really just want 36 more
made it past jesus at least
but my father didn’t carpent
but carpets he brought brought on his back
i didn’t do anything really

3rd person story glory glares like novellas
but take it as your own
you’ll blur out your empty spaces
and stick out in just the right way
i answer phones all day so as to not answer my own

i really like want 36 more
ill do better
i promise
Video version here:
Maziar Ghaderi Apr 2019
i promise ill betray you
the more you hold on your to assumptions and emotions
the more ill play with you
all those ideas from faceless voices in the maze
you’ve inherited happily
because who has the time to think on their own?
Maziar Ghaderi Apr 2019
a jihadi terror blast
of course it was
to **** their christ
to burn the world

look at the blood
its splatter
but it doesn’t seep
because for them
faith is what matters

history changed his skin
to match their writers’ hue
pink, ginger and blue eyes
he looked more like me
than like you

yet when hell killed his friends
that look like me
all eyes dilate
all kids dead
all skin burned
all blood everywhere
all blood red

a plea for the common
that’s what i said
because man < men
Maziar Ghaderi Apr 2019
waves are like people
no two are alike
yet they all end up doing the same thing
like the one before it
and the one after
at their own pace
they’ll wait
until the perfect time
that one that just feels right
but when it comes
the beach is different
tastes have changed
because the trends have too
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