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Eloisa Feb 2019
Words float inside my head
as I drift deep in an endless pass
Emotions flow in melodic waves
as I plunge into a lyrical sea
Paper soaked in sentiments
And troubled thoughts swamped my page
Misery surges and I’m submerged
I’m drowning!
I’m drowning!
Kaya Sep 2016
It hit me like a 220 pound wave, that swept over and engulfed me. It consumed me but, comforted me. I was unaware of what I felt, what I was supposed to feel and what I was made to feel. The wave I could not face, the wave that made my tongue and bones freeze, the wave that stiffened my muscles, the wave that stocked my lungs with thick healthy mud, there was no room to inhale my happiness and exhale my dejection.
My bones cracked like a startled iceberg, as I was struck and brought back to reality by a ship- another soul brought me back, back to reality, back to the world of changing faces. I froze in the same ocean I was born in. In the shifting realities of the world I felt like a deserted infant sitting still on the shore of a fierce and vicious ocean, commanding it's waves to attack. So it hit me again, again and again like a 220 pound wave, that swept over and engulfed me. Then again, It consumed me but, comforted me. I can always say, that the sea is at war, and we are the waves that sway, that give movement, and give life to the still world.  

- Kaya
Marcus Belcher Jul 2016
Gripping the clouds
To fly upon their wings
Heaven's delight
Every time it sings

Tell me father
Tell me now
Show me the way
Show me how

To educate
To show them the light
Teach them when to bend
Advise them when to fight

We demand change
While staying the same
Want the power to fight?
Pick a different flame
A reflection of the times

— The End —