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TheUnseenPoet Jun 2021
On July 18th 2021
A dark triangle will cover our sun.
The populace will cower
The populace will shriek
And buy enough loo roll to last them the week.
"We knew they were coming" says President Biden
"They broke out of Roswell where we were trying to hide em
They're all very friendly
If a little bit grey
And they've something important they've come here to say"
"PEOPLE OF EARTH" the craft started to belt
Over the Earth fell a global stunned hush
Until to the front a human started to push
"But all that takes effort
We won't care when we're dead.
We want to watch Netflix and eat ***** instead."
The space craft glimmered, shook and was gone,
The earth was left wondering quite what had gone on,
Nobody cared and noone claimed fault,
But they'd emptied the oceans and just left us with salt.
Far up in space in a tank swimming free
Their Octopus Gods were splashing with glee.
Revenge for pollution and calamari.
so long and thanks for all the fish
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
My poetry are not of
Literary greatness
They are
Not to ponder
Not to memorize
May be
Not to read twice

They are
To touch
To smell
To taste
To feel

So that
One can find
The real essence
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Relatable
Celil Feb 2020
beneath the
violet skies
to you

–as if it was today–
do not say
a word

as the first sight
disclose yourself
to me

you were my night
and now
testimonying the sun
somewhere else
helena luce Sep 2018
Confession theory 1 : I'm afraid I've fallen in love with a boy who doesn't reciprocate. 
Confession theory 2: I'm afraid I've fallen in love with a boy who doesn't even realize he's fallen too.
Confession theory 3 : I’m terrified that I’ve fallen in love with a boy who never got over his first
Confession theory 4 : I can't differentiate left from right or up from down, I'm afraid I've gone completely mad.
Confession theory 5: This has been just all a mess in my head, I guess. 
Confession 6: I've fallen in love with you so deeply, so deeply I'm afraid
You see, I'm afraid it's only me
So are you,
Falling for me too?
Or is it true,
I'm just not the one for you?
Steve Page May 2018
As brave as my poems.
As simple and stark,
concise and complete,
in whole or in part,

yet with room for expansion,
letting you, as you read,
add truth to the equation
with the values you need,

giving permission to speak,
in the space in your head
and to complete the connection
or just take it as read. 

Oh, to be as brave as my poems.
A rift off a line from Fiona Benson in interview: " brave as my poems."
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
I love, my D-U-T-Y
When, I saw Y-O-U

I  C-H-A-N-G-E-D, my duty.
Genre: Reflective Art
Theme: I taste a March air in the words that touch the soul.
The Trumpoet Mar 2018
I must beg your forgiveness up front for this verse.
I don't want to be ****** or rude or perverse,
but all over the world, things are going oh so wrong,
and it's due, in large part, to the President's ****!

Some leaders have brains and they lead with their mind.
Some lead from the heart and are thoughtful and kind.
But President Trump, he shall reign and shall rule.
Being led from below by his shriveled old tool.

You can tell by the way that Trump likes to abuse
women like they are objects to conquer and use.
Trump surely likes weapons, strongmen and dictators.
Trump labels all challengers liars and haters.

It is this sort of strutting, denial and attacking
that comes from a man who is seriously lacking
in confidence and a true manly demeanor,
and to compensate, Trump is obsessed with his wiener!

Now, I don't want to ridicule, criticize, heckle
the importance and worth of every man's schmekel,
but it's rather perverse and off base and quite sick,
when you turn off your brain and just follow your ****.

It just makes Trump so subject to manipulations
when he's flattered and aided by unfriendly nations.
Through his payoffs to hide his betrayals and ******,
Trump's Johnson has led him to such Stormy seas!

When he calls out Bill Clinton for his cheating ways,
the hypocrisy never shall cease to amaze!
All the cover-ups prove him a liar and a fake -
A pathetic, small slave to his small trouser snake.

Now I hope in your heart some forgiveness you'll find
for me planting these images into your mind.
And let us all hope that it will not be long
'til the world's ruled no more by the President's ****.
You can also see this and my other Trumpoems performed at:
Written: March 18, 2017
The Trumpoet Jul 2017
Don Junior had a meeting with
Natalia Veselnitskaya
and he did not disclose this fact
or say what did transpire.

Paul and Jared were there too
but "nothing was discussed".
Don said the meeting ended
and turned out to be a bust.

The New York Times found out
and asked why Don did not report.
"But nothing happened" Junior claimed
when making his retort.

Then under pressure from the press
some emails he set free,
confirming Russian interest in
a Trump presidency.

His daddy claimed, "He's a good boy"
"He's new, green and naive".
But Manafort - He should have known
(one would like to believe).

But Junior's new transparency
turned out to be untrue...
It seems that a fifth person was
there in the meeting too!

A former Soviet officer
named Rinat Akhmetshin
was also at the meeting...
so why was he brought in?

And then we soon learned of a sixth...
a seventh... and then eight!
Tied to the oligarchs and
Russian governmental state.

What was the meeting all about?
Perhaps there's nothing to surmise.
The secrecy though, would suggest
it might be otherwise.

Don Junior had a meeting
that nobody disclosed.
Let's hope this helps fulfill the dream...
to see his dad deposed!
You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
Link to video of this poem:
Written: July 21, 2017
Stara Mar 2017
It's called disclosure
Two negatives
I am opening
I am no longer closing myself
To me
Fighting and falling
Tredding only realize
I am merely moving my limbs
Fiercely under water
As I sink farther down
Deeper into the unknown
My last breath a memory
Attempting to keep each one
As they weigh my down
Yet I am stubborn
I am still
Crying inside
All the time
So much to hold onto
So much I choose to hide
Tears spilleing out my eyes
Escaping my inner pain
Becoming one with the water surrounding me
Drowning me
I am one negative deep
All I have to do is pick up the phone
Show up
And make it two
I know what's what I need to do

— The End —