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Alex Oct 2020
do you think, when god created us,
they immediately realized their mistake?
the angels must have hated us
they should
they do.

imagine being the perfect epitome of a being,
only to be cast aside for those who create nothing but unbridled chaos.
"it’s what makes them perfect"
they said once, when one of the angels asked about it
"the chaos?" Gabriel asked
"their humanity."

i'm convinced none of them understood exactly what “humanity” means,
and we don’t either.

the day that i reach the end of the road,
when i meet earth, and my soul is the only thing left
and it just so happens
that the god I write about turns out to be real,
i hope they let me ask this question just once
Kayley Nov 2019
I look up at the Stars
At night and thank what
A sight then I say
I haven't been myself for a while

Strying Mar 2019
I, for one, know I should be up and moving round.
And now and then,
I do, what I'm supposed to do.
But now and then, I also dig a hole or two,
so the odds of me doing what I am supposed to do are slim.
My homework's, in my bag.
I am looking, quite sad.
I don't want to do anything,
And every day
goes the same,
so please don't make me do a thang.
Because I, for one, am having oh so much fun.
Just a funny poem about my procrastination!
(also it reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast!)
Why can't i just sleep without dreams
And not dream about you for a night
I don't want to die
Nor do we want to live
Live for those scarse seconds
Of absolute happiness
But I feel nothing
And When This feels
I feel you
And i'm still not supposed to
so tired of this constant well-being
mc ish Jan 2019
maybe one day
i won't have to talk you off a ledge
for you to say you love me.
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