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the ecstasy i felt
when your hands ran over my bare skin
was the same as
the ecstasy i felt
when you accepted all my sins
(i think this is how it's supposed to be)
Mark Wanless Aug 7
the time is now
oh **** what
am i supposed to be
this is a question i have asked myself for 43 years
Souf Mar 13
I, for one, know I should be up and moving round.
And now and then,
I do, what I'm supposed to do.
But now and then, I also dig a hole or two,
so the odds of me doing what I am supposed to do are slim.
My homework's, in my bag.
I am looking, quite sad.
I don't want to do anything,
And every day
goes the same,
so please don't make me do a thang.
Because I, for one, am having oh so much fun.
Just a funny poem about my procrastination!
(also it reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast!)
Why can't i just sleep without dreams
And not dream about you for a night
I don't want to die
Nor do we want to live
Live for those scarse seconds
Of absolute happiness
But I feel nothing
And When This feels
I feel you
And i'm still not supposed to
so tired of this constant well-being
mc ish Jan 27
maybe one day
i won't have to talk you off a ledge
for you to say you love me.
Daniel Ruiz Nov 2018
The color of her dress that blossomed in the middle
of every other person there,
the same color of her lips,
that without being hesitant,
crawl their way,
trying to find mine,
And with luck on our side,
they do.

Time and time again,
they seem to find mine,
without much effort,
is it because im not apart for too long?
i don't think i can be mentally apart from her,
and her intensive beauty,
that leaves me speechless doesn't matter how many times
i see her without that crimson dress,
that still isn't out shined by her blushing cheeks,
when i tell her i love her.

I love her,
even if some times i'm not supposed to,
but that's the fun of it.

isn't it interesting,
that cherries come in pairs?
Yusof Asnan May 2018
You wondered why
you keep finding
broken angels
All so scarred
and yet deserved
to be loved.
But they keep
putting walls so
high to prevent
people hurting
You forgot, they
weren't supposed
to be down here
in the first

shana Jun 2016
To have a family
is like to
"Feel like home"
sensation's irate
S O P H I E Jun 2016
how am i
supposed to be
perfect plastic
when i'm only
*broken porcelain
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