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james m nordlund Apr 2019
The rain welcomed me, as it was
I am to be thisgray day.
Unendingly unraveling, seemingly,
They are as the concrete, grey.
My roots, always reaching
The rich brown earth beneath,
Stregthen my stride,
As walking through them am I.
To where or what, I do not know,
For, discovery oflife is stalking.
Yet, I'll be in the moment so,
If and when, I can, I will fly.

In each day I pray to be that I,
What, where, how, when and why.
So, though the Sun's light is masked,
This night, that is their day, won't last.
As, it's direction, clear and bright, does
Glean through the clouded cover of their night.

Still, this walk that's walking me,
Is what reality is to be.
And while these flaming embers glow,
I'll walk this road with reality, so.
Yet, to you I do entreat,
If and when you two meet,
Will you allow for the you to be,
And not recede from reality?
So, that to this day all that have gone,
Leaving you this to carry on,
Will have their potential realized as well,
Let Evolution be the bell.
Thanx to the great group, Orleans, and their great song with the same title, for inspiration.  Thanx to All and Flaming Embers restaurant, as well   :)   reality
Devin Ortiz May 2018
Admire the mire
Mind the matter

But dont wallow in worry.
For perception is pain.

Duplication is devious.
Smiles are sinister.

Bring on the beginning.
Endure unto the end.

Darkest are the days.
Nightmarish as the nights.

Ghouls of old gestalt.
Rise to revenge.

Time is taken.
Lord of lies.
Krad Le Strange Apr 2018
"He wanted to know about the sycamore tree and seemed to understand exactly what I meant when I told about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. “It's that way with people, too,” he said, “only with people it's sometimes that the whole is less than the sum of the parts."
- Wendelin Van Draanen, Flipped

Look at me with those hopeful eyes
with the belief that we can make it through lows and highs
walk again with me, you and your untiring feet
you made the past months more complete
let's cross some more bridge together
stay when one needs the other

Lend me your hands and your arms
and I will gladly accept to ease my qualms
For I've learned that hands will just be hands
and arms will just be arms
but they become so much more
especially when comfort and solace are in store

I have not searched but I have found
someone standing on the same ground
Thank you for breaking the trope
and for helping me breathe a brand new hope

Even if there were a lot of people who were far less
In the short time we've spent together,
I can say you are one of the few who are far more...
you are greater than the sum of your parts
you are one beautiful whole
Devin Ortiz Aug 2016
This person
Is the Gestalt consciousness
Of beings both infinitely wise and foolish
Entities of absolute good and evil
Who, when encouraged to do so
Summon phonetical hymns
To invoke emotion in pure song
These individual constructs
While impressive in their solitude
Fail in comparison to their unity
Each a wildcard
That, when played
Become a wildfire of truth.
Julie Grenness Apr 2016
What's your addiction?
Computer or television?
We're in a Gestalt on Google,
Like well trained poodles,
The land of Google glasses,
Is it a blessing to last us?
Is this the Prince of Air,
I read in the Bible somewhere?
Dimly switching on Google glasses,
Edited agenda, the mouse passes,
All like web trained poodles,
We're in a Gestalt on Google.
Only a thought, feedback welcome.
You'll be initiated,
when you are ready.

Life knows,
and the initiation rites
are waiting.

Where you are holding,
you will be broken.

Where you've lost heart,
you will be shaken.

Where you are careless,
you'll meet your neglect.

What you are averse to,
will be total and stark.

What you are attached to,
will be pried from your grips.

Ignorance will be
wrought with vision,
a burning,
to make you see.

You are loved so much
that you will be engulfed in
the flames
of loves fire,
in order to
ignite your own
hearts flames,
and fulfill loves destiny.
Alchemical change will ensue,
destroying you,
to make way for
new love.

Licked by some Hellish ordeal,
Ambivalence gives way to Engagement,
Rage engenders Clarity,
Anxiety becomes Inspiration,
Apathy roars into Feeling,
Melancholy imbues it's Depth,
Licked by some Heavenly delight.

Phoenixed, you'll fly,
the hero of your own journey,
wielding revelatory fire,
with great Wisdom
and Compassion,
a Gestalt,

The circle closes,
it is a spiral,
to the beginning,
of another

— The End —