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seeeeeemore Feb 2018
grey cotton candy
fills the skies
the blue hues
in the rain drops
fill me from within
tainting my mood,
now I just want stare
at the moon
I'm a sad man
filled with madness,
I melt from the light
exposing my darkness
or exposing where
my light stems from
seeeeeemore Feb 2018
somedays I wish that we still talked
days pass by without a word from you
I see you, but you don't see me
your eyes runaway whenever I look into yours
is it because mine are red
is it because you don't want to be read
sometimes my words grow legs and jump out of my mouth before you complete your sentence
I'm sorry,
I see your shadows in the sky
I'm behind my time
I think my peers think I'm lame
but they wouldn't say it to my face
nobody wants to talk to me about feelings
nobody wants me to be the keeper of their secrets
secret meetings about the secrets that don't know me
I wish I could be your milk and honey
seeeeeemore Feb 2018
trying to sleep in hopes of dreaming,

craving to dream of the thought,

that thought of thinking of the thought of self believing and self healing,

my heart be bleeding with every beating,

eating up the feelings of feeling depressed and depleted,

life is heated in hell at least that's how I felt

— The End —