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Leo Janowick Sep 25
May there always be an angel on your pillow
Could a feather sticking out of a pillow be from an angel’s wing? Maybe the entire pillow is filled with angels?
I wish for you the dearest things

Long summer times and endless springs
A happy heart that always sings

And angels on your pillow  
All the joys that love can give
As long as there is life to live

A peaceful mind to give you rest
And angels on your pillow
Someone there at journey's end
Someone who's a faithful friend
Love beginning without end

And angels on your pillow
Cool breezes when you want a breeze
And blessings always when you sneeze
To come and go the way you please
And angels on your pillow
Leo Janowick Sep 23
She dreamed about passion’s desire,
In her heart combines it with love.
Wonders if it will deny her,
Or will it be blessed from above?
She dreams about it all the time,
Awakens with a smiling face.
Knows the moment will be sublime,
Feels her heart beginning to race.
She waits for the moment to come,
But for now, it remains a dream.
To her passions, she will succumb,
In a dreamlike romantic theme.
Almost bouncing around her room,
She prepares for another day.
One day all her passions will bloom,
If the right person comes her way.
She’s lost in Passion’s desires,
Spurred by the innocence of love
To its beauty, she aspires,
She’s longing to fly like a dove.
Leo Janowick Sep 19
Take my hand and say you love me.
I say I love you,
Look at me like that.

As If God...
I look at the time of worship!
As much romantic,
Just as kind,
Smile and let me watch you.

Because the love that...
The time of rain looks at the sky.
As much as with pleasure
As full of wishes
Take my hand and say you love me,
The way God looks in the mirror and says to himself
"two people" creating these was a mistake from the beginning!
Leo Janowick Sep 5
I speak for you my love
As you lie in the dense forests of my thoughts
Your whispered chirpings
Gives me a sigh of relief
And I know that you have not flown away
I wish you to be secure in my palms
At least as you are my security
The sky dims
Time for rest
I urge you to be by my side while I sleep
But you may be secure in your nest in some branch of the tree in my forest of thoughts
Perhaps you have found a partner
A sole mate to give you company for life
When I wake in the morn
I have worries and chores to do
The sky beautiful
With the Godly sunrise
And I think of writing
Missing you all the while
Seeing you with your flock
I know perhaps you are living life
May be with your little ones in your nest
And you will bring food
To their hungry beaks
As you are with mother nature
Yet in my forest of thoughts
You were created by my love
And you will subside in me
I have found an avenue in my life
I smile every time I think of you
And you are my first and only love
As I have given you shelter in my forest of thoughts forever
To live in my heart till eternity ends in the comos of the Universe !!!!!!
Leo Janowick Sep 5
My soul hungers for what my hands long to touch, I can still feel you, your fingers run through my mind from dusk till dawn, searing their way through my veins, shocking me with their heat, my every heartbeat cries out your name, my heart pounds wildly, such energy floods me as I surrender to its power, calling out to you to come and ******* sweet surrender.

I can feel your scent filling my lungs, your mouth perfectly matched to mine, your nose caressing my flesh, your tongue reaching out to meet my moist lips, to my fluff covered nest, your fingertips floating across my heaving sea, diving deep into my ocean, swimming swiftly, shattering my insides with waves of heat and I am drawn to the height of a pulsating swell.

Your touch soothes my spirit, softly kissing my soul, feeding me, quenching my thirst, tearing me inside out, as you take me away from where I would never dare to leave, condemning me to surrender my all to you, keeping me captive, a prison from which I have no key to escape, you will forever roam in the quiet fields of my soul.

I had been seeking a place to land and arms to fall safely into until you came along and shook my core, soothing my heart as it skips its beat, bathing me in your eternal bliss, where I rest my bones, your quiet strength, a sense of home and on your shores, I lay my head, the gentle laps, a placed bed, my fears, and walls turn into avenues of complete trust and devotion.

You are my most intimate desire, the one who truly owns my heart, and the only one who can satisfy all the desires that burn deep within my soul, you've imprisoned my heart within yours, making it a prisoner of your heartbeat, for your ways of feeding it and it'll always beat for you and only you.
Leo Janowick Aug 21
I have never
  fallen into a love
       I couldn’t get out of......

Leo Janowick Aug 21
If a writer
Falls in love with you
       you can never
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