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Friends bring out
beautiful things
in each other....
that on one else
looks hard enough
to find....
Leo Janowick Jan 13
One hand of help,
One word of sympathy,
One act of humanity,
One smile of charity,
and one sweet hello....
can change someone's
mood and life...
Leo Janowick Jan 13
Just love me that I need to feel the heat of your kisses and caresses that already a long time ago
Love me in this distance so far that did not reach the sky with the hands that the clouds do not turn off my light
Yes. The feeling of the air that caresses me every part of my only love without missing anything to anyone and the cold fills my cravings, that the clouds do not cover the air that breathed when I caress love me that I am full of love, I need your delivery that The heart distinguish with the caress of your hands Angel, my being, like the volcano that grows inside me I love you in poetry and deliver me in letters written with the soul, love me in this distance so much love to give and the whisper of the wind hear my Regrets for lack of love is drying the sea panting this my being so sublime in me is love me no. Say more than in my ranting touching the sky I'm desecrating the horizon with the cry of my feeling love me so I'm just a simple mortal, who loves without measure and bristle your skin in these letters feel so throbbing and vibrate my trembling legs is to be touched, by your anxious hands I cried in a whimpering scream and feel my wet run between your lips, just love me
Leo Janowick Jan 13
I want to feed my soul in this darkness of the night where there are only words of love for the wind that brings whenever my laments of the stars and the moon are the words that come from the Heart when screaming in these walls your name is my skin it bristles up to the lower part of my body in my bed thinking of you. I am giving free rein between my legs every time you miss me how are you from your body I feel it inside my moans that come out of you I want to satisfy this that I carry in my soul today I need to feel so panting and I need to deliver my juicy fluids of sublime love Today I want to shine like the stars in the dark night sky where we return our senses enveloped in the flames of love as ashes emerge in this sea of ​​fiery lavas between kisses and caresses in the light of the full moon where it tends its radiance under the bodies ****** giving intensity in the forbidden caresses between her lips to feel her body so Blime is drawing the scam tours of my body that awaken the deepest of your skin among them my scent that is born from within as burning embers leaves me wrapped in your body leaving traces of our meeting in this place where you are
Leo Janowick Jan 12
None of us are getting out of this world alive,
  so please, stop treating yourself as an afterthought.
Eat delicious food.  Walk in the sunshine.
  Jump in the ocean.  Say the truth that you're carrying
  in your heart like a hidden treasure.
Be silly.  Be kind.  Be weird.
  There's no time for anything else.
Leo Janowick Jan 11
I can't promise
  to fix all your problems,
But I can promise,
  You won't have to face them alone
Leo Janowick Jan 11
Confuse them with your silence
     shock them with your actions.....
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