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My mind feeds the Pen words
as quickly as the paper can swallow;
Feasting on emotions and notions
hand-fed from my heart

Now and again my mind overindulges
on expressions and craves a pause;
Knowing any respite is short-lived,
the pen stays ever on the ready.

Fully aware that the writing never ends.
Leo Janowick Aug 18
Lay your pens down
Push your papesr aside
Rest your cell's charge
And cease your finger pride

Now ease your thoughts
Relaxing your mind's courts
As I ask you in verse
To kneel
Your third eye
Your soul
And seer in your reveal
In comprehension to prayer
Of poetical readers
Who see us dear

May we ink in truth
To verse in veracity of ideals
Penning influence's tooth
To readers of our halls
Who peruse here to escape
With harboured thoughts in their falls
Find release
Inking in colours we collaborate

As we divine the mysteries of life
In the glory of observance of strife
May our devotion through human restraint
Be the blessings we can learn to paint
For our selection being here
Is reasons to connection
We chosen few
Are morning words to our reading crew
The daily sentences to their life's choices
And nightly thoughts through spoken voices

As long as we breath at the end of our word
We give thanks by expressing our heard
So let us go forth
To spread lines true in our pens
And let the ink in our veins be our clense
Leo Janowick Jul 24
"She writes because she doesn't really know how to explain what she's feeling and what she's going through. Maybe writing will help her and others like her going through this. Sometimes she reads quotes and poems, and totally connects with the words... and feels what she just read told how she felt perfectly more than she can ever explain to you. Someone gets it. Someone understands, and it's comforting to know she's not alone in her feelings. To feel such sadness and be withdrawn is to feel like a shell of a person of who she once was. She's existing, but not really living. She's surviving to make it through another day, knowing she has to wake up and do it all over again. She wants to be her happy soulful person full of laughter. She wants to truly enjoy the little things through the day and special moments without this dark sadness inside her. She misses that part of herself and wants it back. So she writes. She writes to help herself whenever she needs to calm her thoughts and tears coming down her face for no reason. Be patient with her. She's a work in progress, but she'll get there."--
Leo Janowick Jul 19
Did you hear the crack
When my heart broke into tiny little pieces

Did you hear my pain
As my cries went out into infinity

Did you care
That the love you offered was only temporary

Did you once think of me
As you left me barely standing

Did you even wonder about the wound you left behind
Healing the break will be a long long time

Did your heart even feel a twinge of remorse
As you added me to your causalities

Did you consider the many hearts you plundered
On your way to number one

Did you think about the day when your game is done
When no girl will take a chance on you

Did you forget your reputation will be known to all
Did you ever think one day you will fall

Did you stop mid-stride when the love you offered
Was stone cold stone rejected

Did you fail to realize
What goes around, comes around
Leo Janowick May 15
Long before the Ink
  Makes love to the paper....
The Poetry is not there
  looking for the pen....
Leo Janowick May 5
Sometimes I can't help but wonder...
wonder where I would be,
If you hadn't come along
just when you did and rescued me.
Babe, there's something I need to say,
something I need to explain.
From the day you walked into my life,
nothings really been the same.
I really can't remember exactly,
what I thought I was doing...
I can't remember exactly,
where I thought I was going.
There was a time when
I wasn't sure I'd see another day.
Just when I thought I was done...
destiny sent your precious heart my way.
Whenever I'm tired or just feeling down,
and I see you stop and reach for me,
you have a way of lifting me up...
you can always set my worries free.
You've been like a guiding light...
my compass when I'm feeling lost.
With you, there's no mountain I can climb,
there's no river I can't swim across.
Sometimes I can't help but wonder...
wonder where I would be.
Sometimes I can't help but think,
that God made you just for me
Leo Janowick Apr 27
A Library Burns.....
When Someone Dies.....
What Will I...Leave Behind?.....
Are You My Only, Lonely Witness.....
To A Life Gone Untold.....
Will My Legacy Unfold.....
Will My World Be Put On Hold,...Or Sold.....
To The Highest Bidder?.....
All My Laughter, The Tears.....
All My Triumphs, The Fears.....
All My Heartaches, Via-pain.....
Are You The Only Witness To Remember My Name?.....
A Whole Library Burns.....
When Somebody Dies.....
What Will I,,, Leave Behind?.....
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