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  Jul 5 Kiz
I didn't expect you to meet me.
That was not permitted.
I didn't expect you to kiss me.
That was not permitted.
I didn't expect you to love me.
That was FORBIDDEN .

I was prisoner of my shadow.
When I met you.
I was warrior of my darkness.
When I kissed you.
I was soul of your body.
When I loved you.
Destructive .
Lonely .
  Jul 3 Kiz
How tiny is
The cubical space
That I used to live in -Ignoramus

I found out that I am an amateur
Who liked to draw
Few images with his pen
To melt the frozen cell
That I imprisoned myself in

Writing my brightside of the sun
My darkside of the sea
And learn from thee, Icarus

Some of your poems
Made me realize that I didn't know ****
From an alphabet, in poetry
Still, thanks to you
In the cocoon that I made
I ve pushed myself out
Fluttering around with my new verses

One simple, nice comment or statement
Can bring happiness to others
Built strong connections
Beyond the distances and the differences

Not only the age that changes
But also the will
And remember, always choose the red pill

Heartless men are scarier than Kandisha
Throwing rocks at my wall of glass
In my heart, I threw flowers back at them
Flowers with their pots
I don't care what they say and all their whatnots

The answer will always be no
If you did not ask
Enjoy the silly things you do
Take off the mask. Be you
Happy poems anniversary, M-E
Hippopotamus is good
Whats even better, Rhinoceros.
A year have passed since the first time that I ve started posting on this website. Can you imagine?!
Thank you all my friends for your support and love.
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