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chlorine Aug 2019
is perfect
this reflection grows worthless
you can’t stay in place
with a mirror to your face
in an attempt to erase.
writing is the antidote to my anxiety right now lol
mjad Apr 2019
Of all the fun I've ever had
Almost all I've never told you
From hitting dab pens
To sneaking out with friends
Almost all I've never told you
Following the trends
Meeting random boys
Listening to the devils tempting voice
Crashing in hotel rooms for the night
To staying up with a boy till the sunlight
My phone holding all the photos I've taken I've never shown you
But you never knew, never found out about
The times I don't want to forget
You don't know about them yet
And my only regret out of all of it
Is that I can't tell you one bit
Part 3 to "Fun"
Robert Nov 2018
oh so you're engaged now
madly in love huh
well that's funny isn't it
I'm kind of the same
but mostly just mad
dab for the teachers
dab for the kids
dab for the ministers
dab for the office workers
dab for the police
dab for the cafeteria workers
dab for the janitors
dab for the musicians not heard
dab for the bosses
dab for the civilizations to come
dab for the respectful
dab for the nice ones
dab for the politicians
dab for the moms
dab for the dads
dab for the able
dab for the disabled
dab for the poor
dab for the mechanics
dab for the coaches
dab for your family
dab for your friends
dab for her
and for him
dab for yourself
dab for appreciation
be thankful for the people you may not think about

— The End —