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emblazoned on the gang's coat of arms
was the following logo
we fight without any principles
for we are of the very low

***** tactic achieve our ends
and we take pride
in the way we trample all over
the much politer tends

stray not into the areas
that we patrol and control
as our thuggery will
hammer a robust toll

our triumphs are legendary
across many a land
we've a history in employing
the grubbiest hand

one qualification which is essential
when joining our accord
that's to be a bandit capable
of playing the foul sword
Graff1980 Apr 2016
Corporate engineering with slight color variations
and logo imprintations do not impress me.
Assembly lines do not find or make time
to free the proletariat’s enslaved mind.
They just distract us with delusions of
capitalistically designed versions of individuality.
The fact is unbridled greed can only collapse this
mad consumer society,
because selfishness subtracts the humanity
that got us to this age in the first place.

— The End —