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I sit here every evening
every night
Nothing comes to mind
No muse in sight
I have an ache inside
I can't describe
I type a few lines
Words won't rhyme
Failing each time
The sting inside
A low lit flame
Dwindling down to nothing
Why can't I find
What's burning inside
And type it all out
Confusing doubt
Not even sure what it's about
The words pour down the sink
Draining to never be seen
I'm stuck in between
The chaos unheard
And losing myself
Placing my unfinished words
Back on their shelf
Recently I've felt my passion dwindle.
I love writing, and maybe criticism is too much to ask for. I shouldn't need it. One single word can extinguish the flame I hold. Sadly.
Nylee Apr 7
every word written
      neat, tidy and messy
leaves a feeling behind
      it fills the void of my mind
a great respite as any
      never satisfactory
it always ends way too soon
       it feels abrupt enough
the weather is not the same
       humidity is in the air
Hard to accept that this too shall end
         I keep the book back in the shelf.
jacob charles Jun 2019
An enemy to myself
a ******* up book fallen off the shelf
God please help me, save me through hell
my plea, I plead, I need all help
seek shelter from shell
this vessels a flooding jail cell
my fate unassisted destruction foretell
this world's a system, I'm lowly rappel
repelled from the flame up top as well
not dismissive of mission to pass through natural
or worldly but the worry has me shaken but desensitized stiff
mistaken, surly i can't, won't adrift
off course, of course not
WhiteWolf101 Feb 2019
She lies in bed at night
pondering life or death
the stars shine bright
as she takes her last breath
her mom walks in and cries
she thinks to herself
as her heart dies
then she looks on the shelf
there's a note it reads "MOM"
d letwixt Oct 2018
Books on the shelf
The pages yellow with age
marking time's passage
Jordan Ray Sep 2018
I've got no inspiration, 'cause you've taken it all
Can't put pen to paper, 'cause I've written it all
And my misbehaviour, has caused me too fall

Deeper down the hole you left,
When I put you on the shelf.
CredibleTopHat Aug 2018
There is a misconception on my shelf
that appears when the shelves are overthrown with dust
dust drawn out by time, a misconception drawn out by lies
a misconception seen with half an eye
a single devil in disguise

Coming back when I least expect it
to take it's share from my mind
to unravel my life, to make me blind
and to forget everything i've done
to forget it all and to leave it behind

There will always be a misconception on my shelf
there with the single purpose
to erase and hide my true self
Thomas EG Jun 2018
You possess full ownership
To the key to my heart's door
And it means an awful lot
To not only have a spot

High upon your shelf, but
To feel you open the padlock,
Tiptoe in, your smile against mine,
And tuck, and lock, yourself inside
Clearing out my drafts
~June 11th
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
You are no longer there,
to hold me here,
while you would stare.

Wondering to myself,
if I should put your book on the shelf,
maybe you would do it as well.

Emotions tearing me apart,
a supposedly dark heart,
that you gave a kick start.
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