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D Letwixt Feb 20
Having trouble
Sometimes being is hard because....
But you can't stop being
And I don't know what's going on.
D Letwixt Jan 30
If I think of the time
When  you accompanied me
From whatever to whenever
Then you have already passed
All is fleeting
D Letwixt Jan 29
Punch the wall
Throw yourself against it
It will not break.
D Letwixt Jan 28
yellowing page
Animated only by sentiment
-Even that is dying-
All is fleeting.
D Letwixt Jan 28
Heaven mist be a dull place
If all the beautiful things are ******
D Letwixt Jan 26
Her smile- rosy
And as the words depart her lips
They come Clothed in comfort,
Lovely lies
D Letwixt Jan 24
Purest being
rather than muting all that is,
Water to my lips, warm breaths,
On cool skin
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