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D Letwixt Oct 5
This is the moment when I feel most like myself.
A small watcher in a moving place
I Sit and feel
And observe
And read, too

Sorry for the melancholy, but
I wish I could be lost here
Stranded in this place

I want to be swallowed up by this world
Just like this

I could do it I think

But first I have to get lost
D Letwixt Oct 3
What an interesting concept
An animal
Calls itself human
And feels higher

Imposes laws
Imposes duties
Imposes power

Yet it is an animal
What a wonderful lie
D Letwixt Sep 28
if your eyes cry then you have seen
if your heart stops then you have felt
if your soul screams then you have been

if your eyes smile then you have seen
if your heart beats then you have felt
if your soul, like the sun
shines with a comforting warmth
then you have been
D Letwixt Sep 28
i left my eyes behind
because i wanted to see more

i left my mind behind
because i wanted to know more

i left my heart behind
because i wanted to feel more

i left my flesh behind
because i wanted to live more

i left my soul behind
because i wanted to be more
D Letwixt Sep 23
Sail with me

As wind exhales

two ships drifting
Into that wan iridescence

D Letwixt Sep 23
You are my Eden, love
And I will eat the fruit of your tree

Let me curl into your embrace
Encircle me
D Letwixt Sep 20
You cannot see from the outside, how many times I've tried to commit suicide. You'd be surprised at how well I can mask my feelings, how easy it is not to cry. You can't see the scar down my forearm through my jacket, nor the note I keep on my desk.

I am not unique.

And that is why I always smile and say nice things to other people. Because of the things I can't see.
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