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AD Letwixt Jan 18
alabaster flesh
crumbles at your touch
and streams of pure feeling
flow through the cracks

blow breath into my lungs, and
invade me with your warmth
let your blood run through my veins
my heart pounding at your touch

I am yours to use, please
put me to your ends
my body is yours to shape,
take my flesh your hands

be my sculptor, love
make me what I am
AD Letwixt Jan 15
Is this your body?
it isn't mine.

I think I must be wearing your skin
Because all I want to do is tear it off
Piece by bleeding piece

Take it back please
AD Letwixt Jan 12
I wish I could fall, love,
Into your embrace

And feel you envelop me

But I have been captured
By time and these walls

I have built to protect me

Don't wait for me, my love,
The rain is falling

Don't let your time wash away
AD Letwixt Jan 11
the trickling stream
in cool bliss, I close my eyes
my mind is floating
AD Letwixt Jan 5
I will never be normal enough for you,
so **** your normal
AD Letwixt Nov 2020
Before, I was different.
Tomorrow, I will be different than I am today.
Even so,

I hope that I will remember what I was like
After today has faded into yesterday.

That I will not forget what it was to be me
In this present moment

Because once tomorrow comes, today will be forever trapped behind the pane of glass that separates present from past.
I want to remember how to feel that which can no longer be touched, to see that which is no longer visible, to hear that which is no longer audible.

Then, maybe
I won't have to spend so long staring through that impenetrable pane of glass

Because I will remember
AD Letwixt Nov 2020
Why do I always wear blue
Rain jackets
On sunny summer days
And pretend . . .

The stormy weather is only in my mind
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