Eclipse of solar source,
Shadow on the sun.
Change from shine to
Dark doesn't frighten me;
I look at the world to realize
Those are part of the same one.

Wrote this now

I shiver
In the arms
Of a winter sigh
A whisper
Caresses my face,
Soft as a lullaby;
Come hither,
Bring your heart
So warm and glowing bright
I'll wait here
And dream
Of you and I
This winter night

Like most things that live
I need the sun to caress my skin
for the wind to paint an echo
of my skull
for the rain to wash away the ashes
that I hold in my hand like gold dust, as if my appetite for destruction went deeper than an impulsive slash of flesh
I am waiting for the snow, for the purifying whiteness of angels
to lick my wounds, to freeze the ground I thought held my foundations firmly
Oh, how to be deceived by the seasons.

I desire your lips in all unruly abandon.
I hunger for the nectar on your tongue.
I burn for the fire of our transfigured union.
I see the shimmer of your eyes
And hear the sound of our song, as yet unsung.
Lover...tear me apart.
I am your next victim.
You are my unbridled obsession.
You are my wanton vixen.

Sometimes, you just have to put it out there. Sometimes I feel like if I can't have passion in my life at least I can write my desire down on paper and send it out into the world. Sometimes, all you can do is drop a pebble and watch the ripples expand. Perhaps...

“Yes”, she said.
Braced fast, I stood.
My face did then bloom red
And I trembled ‘neath my hood.

Reeling free of constraint,
Rapt in shock, my mind
Searched for words valiant,
An ardent echo to find.

But shaking visibly o’ertook me
And nonchalance took flight.
My devoted flame took pity,
Her empathetic smile came to light.

“My love”, she whispered.
“My heart!” I urged.
Our hot blood blistered
As our fevered limbs merged.  

The dark room spun around us
And moon-lit fairies showed their wings!
Our frenzied dance evinced no locus
In the celebration this night brings!

The vast distance of time I endured
Until this impetuous embrace befell
Has been unbearable and belabored;
All my hope had drained to Hell.

But all at once my life was liberated,
For tumbling down came her love!
I never believed I would feel this exhilarated,
Joined as one to her heart from above.

The mazy pattern spins upon
The murky enclosure.
The process emerges as
Watery words written, interlaced,
Across the fleshy frame.
A fleeting impression of
Ephemeral inscriptions
Dancing and enticing my mind
To immersed submissions.
Anxious pulse slows,
Cooling blood flows
In sympathetic resonance;
My breath lilts, feathery,
And the room, lustrous, grows.

As light surfaces, giving
Clarity to the liquid lexis
That swirls around, I begin
To see the hypnotic signs,
Coaxing my soul
To a heady delirium!
But the ethos is pure alterity,
And the shapes start to change.
The fluent verses that encircled me --  
Messages of reassurance,
Poems of perpetual peace,
Prompting me to repose,
Calling me to release --
Now shift and bleed
Into a color-blur, so strange!

Once recognizable,
The patterns now appear as
Iridescent waves of a gnosis, primordial.
The intuitive takes hold.

In this floating state of acceptance,
Those dreamy streams pull me to Elysium:  
Visions shimmer of verdant gardens unending,
Acoustics of astonishing life
Jabbering in response, ascending!
The proud Peacock stands,
The wild Quetzal soars!
Is this moment virtual? Is this identical?
I am drawn into a dreamland
Carried from my sentient core.

All will to resist dilutes to
Diffuse and opaque defection.
The eternal elements of existence
Intrude and disperse any mean ambition.

Breath. Sight. Vibration. Light.
Bathed in a serene sea my soul would chart.
Knowledge without thought.
Instinct without provocation.
Flight within the cavernous enclosure
Of my trembling heart.

I am in balance above the abyss,
I am a fixed crystal corpus.
The liquid lyrics of Supreme love
Are interlaced and have become
A spark of pristine existence.
Miraculous codes of new life branch forth
To a seminal universe of expression.

From that murky domain, the excellent
Utterance of my existence becomes clear.
The gospel of the soul’s translation sends its
Proclamation when the muse appears!

I am not sure if this one is quite finished yet, but here goes!

My life has need of an angel...
Her voice,
Her eyes,
Her breath against my ear.
Alas, her nearness makes my skin rise
Like the tide to the moon.
Her heat gives breadth to my soul:
It ignites and disperses
Like the first moment of creation!
She kindles my star shine and
Sets my spirit in motion,
Forever to cross
The glinting firmament!

Her lips release that heat,
That light, that longing.
It is her feathery lips that
Whisper a hint of Heaven;
Eternity offered as a gift from
The roseate wreath that blooms
Those petals of sweetest desire
Convey a prayer sublime,
A chant of harmonic unity;
An invitation calling me up
From my racked posture,
My world-weary stoop, as I
Tremble in the throes of defeat.
I am summoned to stand and to
Fight on! My journey continues!

She gives a herald of hope, with words
Of honor and encouragement.
Rousing sounds permeate from
The ivory and rose
Corner of her delicate mouth,
Sensuous, silky and moist,
Drenched as waves upon
An ocean of dreams!

They speak:
Lips that tell of verdant fields
In spring,
Of summer’s bliss
Of lover’s song,
Lost but still lingering.

My Angel’s breath brings forth
The fruit of my aspiration,
My inspiration,
And my art in thou.

Bursting upward
Through the ruddy clay!
Words rendered as a child at play!
In the radiant splendor of her divine luminance.

Her voice within my heart breaks into
Love-song and laughter,
And my life is once again inspired,
Raised up and renewed.

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