Get up close
To life outside of your
Lonely room.
Take time to see the floral
Subtlety, the elegance of
Nature's ornaments, the
Nuance of the bloom.
Bring a sober silence to
The simple sculpting of
That sacred whisper.
Allow your soul to sip from
The pure expression
Of creation's petalled cistern.
Each of these sprouts show us
What we are made of.
Each lovely thing speaks
The eternal truth: we, also,
Are formed in love.
Touch the petals, smell the scents,
And respect the earth!
Every moment she recreates
Herself anew, and signals a
Pristine birth.
Every moment her beauty
Calls out the herald!
So let us always resonate
With this life force that reveals
Itself in our embattled world.
Let nature show us the way
And we can find our true selves again.
We are made from a love wondrous,
Living in a world of reviving hope and
Possibilities boundless!

This poem written inspired by this photo on Facebook:

Drifting back to the ocean
like it never even happened
unraveled dreams washed clean
crystalline renaissance bestowed    
by wind mountain spring waters
rising from the heart
of mother earth

A remnant light glows deeply
of one love's untamed wonders
an unfastened feather glides abandoned
rushing waters floating
alighting pilgrim blissfully sails on
stranded without wings
a fallen wild feather free as bird
wanting a place to be let free

Sun in the summer air
wind in buoyant feathered hair
softly dancing upon
wild river restless ripples
to feel the love of holding on
adrift asunder whence it touched on
destiny's far-reaching
journey yonder
holding onto flowing rivers
rolling towards the sea

The incoming tidal waters blossom
surge to greet wind river's gentle saunter
converging slackening passage
salt on feral feathered fragments
arousing currents babbling swirl
imbibed by the impassioned sea

Wild rivers' born intentions
a different kind of drifting passage
to kiss the distant horizon
where the sown sunlight settles
submerged in shoreless ocean waters
    to be free all at sea at last

someone you used to know  2017

title mused from song lyric in the notes of another poem i read here and it seemed to fit

So many things shape water into human thoughts: the sea, oceans, rivers, streams, ponds, springs, fountains, raindrops, dew, mist, teardrops, lakes, clouds, a cup,  ect...just to name a few containers---much poetic muse.

About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth's water. Water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers, and even in you and your dog.

"...Tell me, for Love's sake, what is that flame which burns in my heart and devours my strength and dissolves my will? What are those hidden soft and rough hands that grasp any soul; what is that wine mixed of bitter joy and sweet pain that suffuses my heart? What are those wings that hover over my pillow in the silence of Night, and keep me awake,watching no one knows what? What is the invisible thing I stare at, the incomprehensible thing that I ponder, the feeling that cannot be sensed? In my sights is a grief more beautiful than the echo of laughter and more rapturous than joy. Why do I surrender myself to an unknown power that slays me and revives me until Dawn rises and fills my chamber with its light?  Phantoms of wakefulness tremble between my seared eyelids, and shadows of dreams hover over my stony bed. What is that which we call Love? Tell me, what is that secret hidden within the ages yet which permeates all consciousness? What is this consciousness that is at once origin and result of everything? What is this vigil that fashions from Life and Death a dream, stranger than Life and deeper than Death? Tell me, friends, is there one among you who would not awake from the slumber of Life if love touched his soul with its fingertip?"

I love Kahlil!

Life is conceived from the marriage of love and light,
Life shines from before and behind the eyes.
It always is, was, and will always be,
It is created but is also eternal, endless.
We take part in the flow, flown, fleeting
River of time, of experience,
Of wandering and wondering why.
Wisdom turns to emotion and to confusion, to
Desperation -- our troubled trek trails by.
But never shall we forget
The essence of what makes us human:
Love. Light. Creation. Delight. Imagination;
All that which is eternal, generatively potent,
Desperately seeking, and passionately reaching
For the final expression of hope.

Never let go of hope.

Who knows how it will end…
Or if we will begin
All over again?
Whether in shattering sound
Or a silence within ---
The soul’s secret whisper,
Or lips close to the skin?

But change will come.

While kneeling, standing or running;
Change while singing, dancing, or loving!  
Whether at the start
Of something shiny new or
To end in a fearful, cataclysmic coup,
We will see it through.

We may be
All poured out,
Reduced and
Into a pristine and naked
We may not recognize the path and
We may fall,
Fetal (not fatal), to the ground.
Tears may flow, hot and wet,
And, as babies will,
We make a sound -- a loud cry
That flies when it hurts
And when we are alone.
Arms outstretched
In perpetual longing;
The space between
Is eternity…
And our cry reaches
Just as far.  

But there will come
A second breath,
Leaping from the depth of being.
Reflexive reaction in shock
Of sheer brightness
In seeing –
Brilliant vision, clear and wide,
A jewel revealed deep inside.
A light shared between us and all,
A blinding fulmination as lightning fall!

From season to season and year to year;
From rugged courage to raging fear.
From small town boy to worldly man --
From joy to sadness and then….

To know why without knowing how.
To advance without knowing where!
To see, unblinking, in a glooming midst,
While light and sound explode around us,
Still….a preternatural daring is expressed.

For one way may suddenly be closed,
Yet another swings open, as if
From binary pre-design.
We need only turn from the wall we see  
To walk through the way we find.

You will enter a new field of experience.  
You will reach beyond any
Hope of control -- to just
Accept and respond.

This is why!
This is how!
This is new
And this is you.
You are…


You must come to realize,
One day in your life,
That when your heart expires
Your soul will end its strife.
You cannot go on in her absence,
You have constant need of her heat.
So, to live your life in full, learn that
Your heart, alone, will make you complete.

Just a quick thought...

We are two bolts of lightning
Exploring the negative spaces
Charging and igniting
Cracks of light run down our faces

Taking form in darkness
This lonely sky is ours to keep
We generate a light so fine
Then run away on swiftest feet

Never in the same place twice
Ever changing, disappearing
Joining hands and spreading out
A violent aura appearing

Now we are one line,
One streak of brilliant light
Stinging Earth with heated love
Burning the ignited sky

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