You are soft, secret, sufficient, and secure.
You are silent now but inside gather words --
Your soul is bubbling, fizzing, foaming and
Swirling with words:
Thoughts, songs, prayers, poems, shouts, and
Affirmations constantly churn!
From all this riot, rhyme and reflection,
Comes deep understanding --
You know what is good, what is true.
You know how to speak to the heavens and
To your own heart. Alas, what really
Separates the two?
All this beauty, strength, and poise centered
In the quiet of your serene shrine.
You are warm, you are loving, you are funny,
You are fine!
Be yourself and tell us your truth,
For your silence barely conceals what your beauty
Offers freely as proof.
The picture I used to inspire this one is here:
the wind may whip and howl
over the fields yonder
and the ages bring
a withering decay,
we shall not be moved!
We are deeply connected
to the great, wide world
and blessed by the warmth of the sun;
we will drift with the cool of clouds,
we will shine with the shimmer
of distant stars and
we will rise
with the mysterious pull
of the moon!
In dark or light, we
of the ancient and the new.
And while the wide world turns,
we will proudly stand and
testify to the undying strength.
We are
living stones!
Artemis of the wood,
sweet skill of deadly
her accurate aim and steady
finds the subtle seam,
all things.
Her swift sentry,
delicate and true,
flies with focused
The soft,
wet earth
surrounds and
her realm of the hunt.
The scent
of the fallen leaves,
cool and colorful,
my soul.
The forest hush is all that
Poem inspired by picture at
Seek your inner-power;
focus your mind.
Immerse yourself in the sublime
quiet that hides in the moment.
Align your breathing
with your heart’s beating.
Settle the motion of thought
into the center, your core,
the seat of your soul.
Let time drift...
let go of each phenomenon that may
impinge upon the journey within —
you will become only
your breath and
the beat and
the quiet murmur
of your heart’s longing...
Light to light,
Lantern-lit sight,
Whispering secrets and taking delight!

A humble home hides a girl,
In a forest-enclosed world,
But all within has a mirthy glow,
As murky gloom descends below.

She brims, in her silent room,
With sparkling glee,
For no mere shadows
Can dim her sweet fancy.
For see: she has Elven friends aplenty!
And she has fairy fire!
"It is not time for sleep!" says she,
For unbounded wonder is her desire.

The fay guests weave enticing tales
Of mythical adventure,
While she sprinkles them with queries.
Their voices twirl like incense fume,
Weaving spectral theories.

For hours on end, all through the night,
She coaxes a high reverie,
Until at last she drifts asleep,
As moon beams caress her, heavenly.
The picture that inspired this:
Do you see the twirl of colors,
myriad and fluttered?
Do you see the air
lighted and the dance
of lovers?
In a savory slice
of your eye's aperture,
a pomegranate-spray of life's
joy is captured!
See the joy and beauty
in every second,
while you can!
Your heart
has only so many potent
in its earthly span.
Inspired by the picture located here:
Many, too many,
Stumble and lurch
Through the daily procession.
They wander lost,
Grinding their teeth,
Just going through the motions.
They hold their tongues
And swallow their pride;
Their hope is mute
As they stifle
A primal cry...

We let our dreams wither,
We give up on the struggle,
We let our light flicker
And try to avoid trouble.
There is so much we are missing --
A universe of delights!
We need only
Seek the beauty within
And stand up for our rights!

So open those windows!
Open those souls!
Let the light pierce
Those murky holes.
There is a dark place that needs
To be swept.
A lingering loathing there,
That always crept.
A curse on our bliss, a
Hex on precious joy.
Why do we allow this?
To live as fate’s whipping boy?

We must scatter that cruel crow,
That tries to torture our eyes.
We must see the world fill
With an irisated glow,
To give our dreams wings,
In azure skies!
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