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sharonnahdevi May 2019
i’m build from the fire
that evens you with the ground

i rise
whenever you fall

don’t underestimate the power
of a builder

we can see a house
even if it’s broken down
sharonnahdevi Sep 2019
I breathe in
and you fill my lungs
I exhale in love

Don’t you know?
(you are my air)
Once every while a bathroom visit
Or a “Quick, to the car” re-fill
Nervous ticks flying around his head
Hurry! Give that man an Advil!
But what nobody knows
That he likes to dip his nose
Once or twice in some white snow
His arrogant attitude isn’t all natural
It’s full of pure Colombian thrills
If you look closely enough
You can see it, and trust me, you will
He likes to lick his doses
Says: “It’s better when it’s this real”
The harassment if I would tell anybody
Or talk about his sick games with females
Threats about my contract being killed
Still, I’m the only one who knows about it
But his secrets I will never spill…
So my boss is a coke-sniffing whøre
And I wouldn’t dare to be no tattletale!
an office parody
I’ve lost the only real worlds that I loved
After a few, I learned to keep quiet
not wanting to share them with anybody

There were no diseases, no weird accidents, no strange coincidences, none of it, it’s plain simple

It were people who took it all away
I had everything, everything of worth to me,
been stolen away from me,
I was made in Heaven, born on earth and got dragged to Hell, you see

By using a bullet for His truth, abusing my powers when I couldn’t fight back yet or using Her trust as a selffulfilling dead sentence
and everything in between was just tearing and ripping at parts that already were dying

You know, they do not get the better end

At first, I just didn’t understand, I was in too much pain, but mostly I didn’t want to understand because it made me face more roots than I ever counted before and now I am unable to neglect what I’m feeling,
it has made me into what I am today

At least now I know why it happened,
I can understand it, I can finally see
and I already know exactly what to do with it
Only I know how to set my untold stories free
It took my father a bullet to his neck (1993), my voice, self-worth and self-respect (2002), as for my mother, she had to loose her good grace (2012), it all was turned, once more, to televised death (2021)
I’m just riding out the wave, babe
can’t be mad at me
Thighs thick but bend
and curved in just the right ways
Hugging your hips, tightening their grip
A thrūst thick between the lips
The deeper you go, the tighter I get
so I tilt my hips, just before I widen my grip
and bang, you’re deep within my lips again
Our bodies melting, my hands slipping
and I can’t help but grab what’s already mine
Pushing harder and getting wetter
I slip in a finger, as my other hand closes my
lips between my middle and index
I want you weakening as I go in
Hearing your breath fill you up,
and quitting as I move up even more
you’re quietly exhaling as we let go
It’s too late to be afraid of giving
a Goddess your control
You don’t know when the bullet is gonna blow
and when the trigger gets pulled,

I don’t care which way the barrel is pointed,
I don’t care which way the bullet goes
Don’t sit at the big boys table
if you don’t know how to play
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