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Lee Sharks
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Yenson Oct 2019
In the Magical Marine parade on the Western pier
the Cods next door that happily served the Albino sharks
that father Cod, used to hedge wheels and trust and distrust
and welcomed as a member of the great Red Sea revolt waves
Now feels shamed and subdued for the white sharks shows true hues
has seen how the sharks play ***** and left his fellow Cods helpless
How he hates those Albino sharks full of lies and trickery and mean

The Pink lady fish also joined the great Red Sea Revolt
swimming all the way from the warm seas of the Gulf to fight
the Albino sharks welcome and courted them all, made them sisters
betray those black eels and join with us, destroy those long parasites
but then the Albino sharks went to the Gulf and polluted all the areas
sharks created turmoil and banned plankton from all the fishes there
the Pink lady fish see their families suffer and sees the evils of Sharks

The Albino Sharks say we are the rulers of the whole seven seas
we are the smartest and we have atomic fins and will **** oppositions
you all do as we say or else you will all sleep with the fishes forever
and the Cods next door and the Pink lady fish all realize the evil now
for once they had all been feted and welcomed by the Albino Sharks
made to feel belonged in blue yonder and happily served the sharks
now they know sharks just use you and toss you away as they like

In pain Cods and Pink lady fish see how terrible these Sharks are
they remember they joined the Red Sea Revolt to harass black eels
they were told all kinds of lies about a great black eel and sold hate
yet they saw no wrong in that majestic eel but the Sharks hated it
they too readily did all they were ordered to do cause its solidarity
Now with their own kith and kin on the receiving end of Shark evil
In their broken hearts they know Albino Sharks are dangerous evil
wicked, heartless, lying, conniving, mean-spirited, bullying pond-life
Alas, they learned the hard way.....
too many people taken by sharks, immmmmmm, we need to get the coastguards to guard

every beach on the ocean immmmmmmm please give these people who lose loved ones through

shark attacks, counselling immmmmmm help stop the sharks from attacking immmmmm STOP STOP STOP

calm the sharks, immmmmmmm try and discipline these australians, from getting eaten alive by sharks immmmmmm

please tame sharks, immmmmmm please tame sharks, immmmmmm please tame sharks

too many people are eaten alive by s h a r k s, immmmmmmm eaten alive eaten alive immmmmmmmmmm

please save people, have more boats on the water ummmmmmmm  to tame each shark ummmmmmmmm

help the people get saved by sharks in the ocean ummmmmmmm save each other lifeguards look after us ummmmmmm




ummmmmmmmmmm     ummmmmmmmmmm      ummmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmm