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been so conditioned to the
abuse that I set my mental timer to cry
b4 we must wipe away
my tears & fears
30 seconds
i can't **** myself yet
because I refuse to die a ******
a ****** it is
u hurted my heart
gave me little boo boos
in disguise for kisses
had me beggin for mama
u hurted my heart
and I pretended like it was fine
ga ga gimme
that anastasia(?)
(oh!) anesthesia
maybe it would numb the
(numb what)
the pain
(what pain ur unscathed)
left on my mind by YOU
my heart hurt
and i pressed on it
and on it i pressed
to see if it would numb the pain
but instead it left a bruise
the bruise it left
when we touch I see the dark tar on your skin seep into mine and still forget to remove my hand
it's hard to open the door when i don't know if there's tigers lions and bears awaiting my arrival
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