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today, i looked outside the window
did you think i’d go outside
and destroy that beautiful scene
my feet would have left a mess,
my breathe would’ve moved the seeds
everything needs to stay in place
like that painting um,
something with lillies?
i drink coffee
before bed
because i want to dream of running a marathon
far far far far away from you.
i haven't cried yet.
even though you told me you didn't love me at 3 o'clock
and then blocked me on instagram at 4
hung out with her at...was it 6?
such a timeline of events
i haven't cried yet
im not sure that I will.
y’all over here talking ‘bout love and ****.
like it lasts forever or whatever
but forever has gotta end.
your kinda love ain’t real
not real like my love
that dreaming about you at night kinda love.
that thinking about how he smiled at you kinda love.
your kinda love ain’t real.
it’s okay to cry.
but don’t let the tears stay so long they burn.
i saw the way you rolled your eyes at her and they landed on me.
did you think I didn’t see?
i saw how you waltzed over to me.
stay away from me.
these teenage boys, don’t got no love for me.
they know how to hit the right places, smile at the right faces,
and be at the right place in my heart.
these teenage boys aren’t there for me.
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