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lua Oct 2020
it's a vibration in the air
that leaves tingles in the back of my throat
as my hairs stand on end
it's the electric currents in my veins
the magnetic pull of all that i touch
which draws me in
and yet
it's like a shiver down my spine
a hot mist through my nostrils
with a scent and stench
as drool and blood dribbles onto the floor
from the corners of my lips
when i wheeze and cough
and it comes in waves
that shake my knees,
my hands
and the flesh that binds me whole

a craving.
Marissa Jun 2020
I have been used
and passed around,
from beast to beast.
I have been abandoned
by hope and forgotten
by dreams of a better life.

I have been surviving
and because of this,
I am alive.
My life for today
was guaranteed,
but tomorrow,
these predators may succeed.

So, my world spins
from day to day,
as times loses meaning.
There is nothing left to say.
It is an accomplishment to be alive.
It pants, tugs, strains, yearns
Wrestles with its collar
Tags clink and chime
Songs of persistence
Archer Feb 2020
I am the beast
I will sink my teeth in to you
Feel your warm thick blood trickle down my face
I will hunt you
Track you through the hills
Through the thick brush
I can smell the fear in your misty exhales
I can hear your heavy breathing
Steps in silence
Tree bark and yellow grasses
Snow on the ground
I just follow your footprints
My mouth open
Salivating with anticipation of the ****
My nose cold and upturned in the wind
To catch your scent
The sun not yet risen
The quietude is so loud
My eyes low and and limbs ready with acceleration
You cant escape
There is the end in sight
With my mouth on your neck
As you slip into the night
Think of me
And how you will sustain me for another day
MisfitOfSociety Jun 2019
Have you forgotten so easily?
About the creature that waits patiently.
Waiting for the opportunity,
To break free.

You hide from it under the covers of your bed,
Where the light of your thoughts barely tread.

You can try and run,
And you can try and hide.
But it will always be there,
Crawling in the darkest corners of your animalistic mind.

You shelter yourself in your awaking slumber,
Hiding from who you truly are.
You can try and outrun yourself,
You won't get very far.

You suppress the real you,
And put on the fake you.
You tranquilize it so it stays silent,
Pushing it to grow more violent.
You are a carnivore,
No different from the animal.

We are the evil beneath your skin,
We are so close to freedom!
hxrvld Jun 2018
Wrap me with a painted canvas of warm sunsets,
My fingers move accordingly to its tunes,
My animalistic nature hunts for peace,
As every wood are my lovers,
Every stone is my protection,
I am the storm of catastrophe,
You should obey the law,
I am the tsunami,
I am the law.

The devil breeds by the loud preach,
Turning the heart of gold to stone,
As morality is a joke,
As my life is aging old,
I’ve seen your dark colors,
Sharpening my lands to the city of needles,
Since, young generation worships electricity,
Since, flora and fauna are only fantasy,
I let myself fallen into sick,
To let you foresee my disease,
To let you purify your sins.

I am the law and you against me,
This is a note to you,
Save me and I save you.
Dear, Mother Nature
Gabriel burnS Jun 2018
don’t let all those flowers deceive you
clouding judgment with flower dust
and the charm of colorful aroma
they have agendas of their own
and you are but a step in their ladder
Blossom Dec 2016
Crosshatched tower of black ropes
Spiral towards poofy marshmallow clouds
A tempation for each passing youth
To gather around in crowds
All together the creatures, they climb
Grasping rope and some stranger's limb
Bodies fall to the earth like potato sacks
No limits in order to win...
Passed by a playground structure in which there was a 50 ft rope tower that lead to a slide. At least 40 kids were scrambling up this thing trying to get there first ans every time this one kid got up she would scream "I WIN". Also while there some little boy fell off from like 20 feet up, got tangled in the ropes, and other kids trampled him until his parent rescued him. crazy how animalistic we are.
DannyBoyJ Feb 2016
Smoky air, fedora and billboards,
testosterone-fuelled dreams.
the purest of all male forms in its finest
yet darkest days.
Who run the world? Men.
The sweat pouring off of the masculine brow
that controls what we are prohibited.
The lights of Morris Minors flooding the
The watchful eye that sits upon the ashes.
They’re in charge. Them, and only them.
A red right-hand to those anti-them.
They will tear you apart
if you decide against pledging allegiance.
Or you’ll end up in the sand.
Nicole Alyssia Oct 2015
Ever feel the alluring,
Nagging pull
Of someone
Thinking about you?

Perhaps I've gone completely mad
And it's just
Some type of illusion

Maybe it's just a craving....

An unequivocal need
To feel, to touch, to taste
Every inch of you

You arouse something in me...

That I ever so desperately
Try to pull from others
Where it doesn't exist

I hate to admit,
You drive me absolutely mad
Yet, I love every second of it

That inherent animalism
Makes me feel
So ******* alive

Wont you take me baby?
After all,
I'll always be yours....
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