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Scared of what life has planned
Thinking back to the past
Already been dealt a hard hand
Thought it was good at last

A lump in my throat
Scared to jinx the scheduled test
Too soon that I spoke
Holding hope too close to my breast
Another poem for my confessions challenge...  Just another things adding stress and depression to my life.
Adele Jan 2015
Let's make some memories so I can spill the ink of my brimming thoughts to the world of poetry*

Nancy E Tracy Jan 2015
Talent, good looks and all the rest
Tall, adorable, he was the best

Kind and decent, owns his own business
Man of mystery, wild and ****

The things you want
in the man you marry

They don't always necessarily




Choose wisely girls.....
Creep Jan 2015
I have too many secrets kept inside,
But I'll just tell you lies,
Or things that don't matter,
Cause I don't matter.

I don't want you to see me.

Someone once told me that
Each crease on your hand is a secret.
And my hands are both deeply lined,
With so many rivers and tributaries...

I have so many things I'm burting to say,
But like a lysosome,
I know if I tell you,
It'll corrode you and digest you,
And it's not worth the pain.
I'm not worth the pain.
So let me carry it all around,
My corpse just a messenger bag,
And I'll release them when I'm
Heaven knows
By the pretty reckless
WickedHope Jan 2015
I've actually just begun to confess
To my loved ones about
The one I desire to marry

I fell in love long ago
He is my love, my life
The world sees my love for
As a joke, but I don't

I think I want to marry
I went to see
Today I stayed in his house

I've decided to give up my life for
To see if this is meant to be
Totally not about what you think it's about.
But hopefully it works.
- - -
Emma Jan 2015
I have an obsession with hiding myself
My family gets mad every day
"We did not have a beautiful baby girl
For her to hide away!"
I plan out how to hide the night before
The plan on my closet door
When I unveil it the next morning
They shout that I'm a bore
I can't help that I like hiding
It makes me feel much better
I don't like exposing myself to the world
I'd rather just wear a warm sweater
As much as my family may try
It's me they'll never expose
I live life the way I want to
Who cares if no one knows.
For the secret confessions challenge.
blythe Jan 2015
Going through each day
Looking happy and worry-free
'I am fine', I always say
But there is something they cannot see
Something hidden deep inside
So that no one could know
The scar I used to hide
My woebegone soul it would show
Still learning how to mend my heart
Looking at the shattered pieces of it
Seeing what's still left after it had been torn apart
Picking up each fragment bit by bit.
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